Jelavic said to VN88 Rezence: “I hope to be a Premier League manager someday.”

Nikica Jelavic wants to make a comeback to British football eleven years after he helped Everton reach the FA Cup semi-finals.

Jelavic, a former striker for both Rangers and West Ham, recently gave an exclusive interview to Vn88 Sports News in which he stated his aspiration to become a manager in the Premier League. “This is the objective for the future,” he said.

“I’m a big fan of goal setting. As a player, I always had my sights set on certain numbers and goals. Especially in my new role as a coach, I am eager to establish lofty goals, to be achieved in due course.”

When I got up with Jelavic at his Chiswick hotel, he was looking forward to watching Croatia’s U21 team take on England despite his injured knee after playing for the Rangers legends the previous weekend.

According to Rezence, His present position as head coach of Lokomotiv Zagreb’s Under-19 team marks his managerial debut, but it hasn’t dampened his passion for the sport one bit.

After retiring from professional football two years ago, Jelavic spent a “wonderful” year with his family. Yet, after earning 36 caps for Croatia, he felt compelled to give back to the sport.

“I feel like I’m finally living again,” he said with Rezence Vn88. “I play a key role in the sport of football. In my role as head coach of the Under-19 team, I have a lot of decisions to make. Being a football fan, I now have a different perspective than I did when I was a player. I realized how much I needed it after a short gap.”

His position is more developmental than results-driven, as he already has his UEFA A and B licenses and is waiting to enroll in the Pro Licence program.

Seventeen players on the current Lokomotiv Zagreb first-team roster are academy graduates. How does Jelavic define success? Create youthful, eager gamers with the intention of selling them off to make room for the next generation.

He explained with W88 that his club’s philosophy is to not overpay for young players. “It’s up to them to earn it. If they play their cards right, they can cash in when they move. But we’re doing our best to keep the kids in our club serious about improving themselves. Just that.

“We manufacture and distribute. To stay alive, we have a plan.”

It’s a different approach than the one his old club, Everton, has taken recently; as a result, they’ve been charged with breaking Premier League rules on Profit and Sustainability in 2021/22, after losing more than ¬£100 million in each of the previous three years.

According to Jelavic, the highest scoring Croatian in the Premier League, Everton “spent a lot of money,” but the team did not perform well. “Who messed up? I have no idea. When I was there, however, they were being a lot more selective in their player selection and budget allocation.”

W88 Rezence thinks that the troubles affecting Everton are directly attributable to the board and the owner, as the complaints by fans have made very evident. However, since hiring Sean Dyche, the team has gained 11 points from 8 games and now has a chance to avoid relegation.

Even though Dyche wasn’t present when Jelavic stopped by Finch Farm last week, he’s seen enough to make the connection between Everton’s current manager and the manager who recruited him away from Rangers and brought him to Goodison.

This is something Everton requires, Jelavic chimed in “The Everton during David Moyes’s era was notoriously difficult to visit.

“The major clubs detested having to play games at Goodison. This is now analogous to that. Everton requires a manager who can enforce firm policies.”

Jelavic has high hopes for both Dyche and Moyes to keep their Premier League teams safe.

While Jelavic continues to scavenge for information that may aid in his development as a coach, the West Ham boss was happy to meet for a discussion. W88 thinks that As significant in his career as the late Walter Smith was, the manager who gave him a shot in English football.

According to Jelavic, “those two individuals are the top.” “In typical gentlemanly fashion, Walter drove me to Rangers. He gave me excellent guidance on many fronts. I felt the same way about David Moyes’s teams, and I joined them with great pleasure.”

Is there any chance you could replace them as the star player at Goodison or Ibrox?

He stated, “Listen, you can never know what will happen in the future, but without a doubt, that would be fantastic, particularly with Rangers and Everton.” I have wonderful memories associated with each of these teams.

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