How to write a high-quality, timed essay in a short amount of time

In advance of the test

Graders are mostly concerned with whether or not you understand the question and are able to provide an appropriate response. While language and mechanics may be important, they aren’t as much a priority as critical thinking and analysis are (GRE). Do not be deceived by what they are saying. If you searching “write my essay for me”, please visit our website.

While you’re putting pen to paper, you’ll want to keep an eye on

It’s nothing to get worked up over. Instead of becoming frustrated or depressed, take a few moments to calm yourself, take a few deep breaths, and try to channel your inner Buddha. You shouldn’t waste your precious mental energy obsessing about the fact that time is ticking away.

Don’t go over the top with your response, and don’t try to think beyond the box. Timed essays, although innovative and iconoclastic, do not fit under this category. It is imperative that you respond to the question how you feel the grader expects you to in order to be fair when evaluating timed essays (and “creativity” does not feature on any rubrics I’ve seen).

In the first stages

Make your own statement in accordance with the prompt’s instructions. Please keep in mind that the grader is looking for evidence that you have understood the questions being asked and that the content being evaluated will be summarised by you before it is evaluated. We can provide same day essay for your projects.

In the centre of the range.

In your essay, utilise clear topic sentences that show the main points you’re trying to make and the direction you’re taking. When you don’t have a tight deadline on your hands, you have the freedom to experiment with more complex and creative topic words. However, due to the speed with which graders are evaluating, you must place openness above anything else.

On a final note for the day

Without using the term “to conclude,” restate your main points one more time. Try to provide some more perspective or depth on what you’ve already said, if you are able to. For the graders, this will indicate your ability to pull back from the sequential consideration of information and appreciate the question in its wider context: “The logistical and language issues stated above are not the only reasons why Schwarzenegger may propose such a notion. It is probable that this comment was meant to be political in character, given that it was made before to the election.”

After you’ve completed writing, go back and revise your work.

It’s vital to have a revising strategy in place ahead of time. It’s a sad fact that the majority of us believe that if we spend all of our time writing, we’ll do better in school. This is not the case at all. It is likely that timed-essay graders award better ratings to rewritten articles that are shorter but more detailed since they are under time constraints to assess writings quickly. As a consequence, they have no desire to waste any of their precious time. Even more importantly, they’re reviewing responses to similar inquiries, which enables them to know exactly what information is useful and unnecessary.

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