“You are your own Biggest Fan” – Artist sketchmesome Shares Different Perspective on Success

sketchmesome is a Siberian-born artist and a London-based rapper and producer, he recognized his passion for music. As time went by, he kept recording his music and overcame his stress, anxiety, dealing with obstacles simultaneously. His ideas about the music industry are different and unique, and he blended rap music with melodic singing. This transformation brought him real attention in 2017, and everyone loved it! The change began with the single “Daily Basis” on Soundcloud. Later he released two more singles, El Patron and Roses, with the unique melodies that brought him more attention. His debut album also features renowned artists Sorom and Nessly. 

He has produced, recorded, and mixed three albums from other musicians and two of his albums. 

We have got an opportunity to interview sketchmesome, in which he discussed his journey, aims, travails, and motivated readers with his kind words. 

What is your story to inspire readers? 

Life is full of obstacles, the obstacles that either break us or make us. They taught me to handle myself and propelled me forward in the race to achieve what I dreamed of. Since my childhood, I found myself passionate about music, and I wanted to reach heights in rap music; like everyone, I wanted to see myself inspiring others with my unique songs and tracks. I motivated myself to make a career ahead and bring the change I’ve thought of. I received a lot of backlash and hate, but nothing could discourage me. 

What change did you want to bring? 

As time passed, I preferred to bring some versatility to the music I make. I believe Music is Music, everyone on the earth loves it, and it shouldn’t have any restriction that separates it based on genre or type. It should come from the depth of your heart. I wanted to bring this idea to reality. In the long run of bringing change, I realized that life is not a piece of cake for each of us; it becomes more challenging in difficult times. 

Who motivated you the most?

I met many people who hated me, and many even motivated me, but one I learned, and you should too, is that “You’re your biggest fan,” you have to accept yourself first to allow others to accept. Be content in what you do and what brings you a smile. Rely on your shoulders. We cannot achieve success in a night, it takes time and dedication, and you have to step on the first stair. When I became instrumental, I learned to play instruments at the elementary level, and the same goes with producing. The only aim was to transform music to the next level.

This young artist, with his unique perception, and big dreams in his eyes, endeavored to bring change not only in the music industry but also in the heart of every person with aims and goals so that at the end of the day, you pursue your dreams regardless of the criticism, hate, and obstacles coming your way they shouldn’t shut you down

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