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Best Poses of Yoga For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not just a physical ailment. Rather, it is also a result of many mental issues. That is why you need something that works equally on your mind and body. Hence, yoga practice is going to serve you the best in case you want to heal ED (Erectile Dysfunction). Thus, you should include various poses of yoga for erectile dysfunction in your routine.

Check out the following poses of yoga for erectile dysfunction. Practice them regularly to cure your mental and physical issues to have a perfect sex life. However, in case you want to learn them from a certified yoga teacher, make sure you join a Yoga instructor certification course. Read on.

Most Effective Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction

Cobra Pose

The Cobra pose is one of the most effective asanas to strengthen your hip and lower back strength. Moreover, it builds muscle in your lower body without pushing your body to an extreme. Hence, it saves you from all the jerky movements while having sex.

To begin with, lie on your stomach and let your legs extend completely. Place your palms in alignment with your shoulders and raise your upper body. For further assistance, take support of your arms. If possible, you should straighten out your arms while holding your body in the air.

Downward Dog

Downward Facing Dog is one of the most core intensive yoga asanas. Also, it works on your hamstrings and calves. Thus, it improves the flexibility of your spine, legs, and hips. Make sure you practice this pose utterly slow to be conscious of your breathing and body movements.

Start with getting on all fours and slowly shift your weight on your palms and tiptoes. Further, raise your hips towards the ceiling such that you feel a stretch in your calves, hamstrings, and hips. Ensure you push your shoulder blades together to improve the range of motion of your shoulder joints.

One-Legged Chair

Do you want to increase your pelvic strength? If yes, you should include the One-Legged Chair pose in your yoga practice session. It increases the balance that further heals your erectile dysfunction. Hence, the Chair pose enhances the flow of blood to your groin and lower body. Thus, it improves your sexual energy and performance in bed.

Stand on both feet and slowly shift your weight on a single leg. Bend the weighted leg slowly so that it bears more weight than the other. Further, straighten out your leg and shift the weight on the other leg. Keep repeating until your session is over.

Boat Pose

Another core crunching yoga poses for erectile dysfunction is the Boat pose. It improves the blood supply to your core, lower body, and reproductive organs. Hence, it reduces various sex-related ailments without any hassle.

Sit on your hips and raise your legs while keeping your spine straight. Further, make sure your shin bones are parallel to the ground and your arms are extended out. Form a smaller ‘V’ with your thighs and spine. Stay in this position for as long as possible before moving back to a neutral position.

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Bridge Pose

One of the best poses of yoga for erectile dysfunction is the Bridge pose. It specifically targets the groin area, hips, lower back, and inner thighs. Moreover, it strengthens your upper back and neck so that you can hold your body while having intercourse.

Lie on the floor and place your full feet on the ground with your arms by your side. Engage your core with an anterior pelvic tilt and raise your waist off the floor. Ensure your thighs are tight and your hips engaged. Moreover, do not let your spine bend, rather, keep it tight and straight.

Butterfly Pose

Stretching is equally important if you want to reap all the benefits of practicing yoga poses for erectile dysfunction. That is why you should inculcate the Butterfly pose into your routine. It stretches your inner thighs along with nourishing your reproductive parts with fresh blood.

Wrap Up

Erectile dysfunction is one of the many ailments that a sedentary lifestyle offered humanity. Therefore, it is wise to learn and practice yoga. Moreover, you can also become a certified yoga teacher. Just have a look at data about yoga teacher salary and decide for yourself. In short, you can be fit & earn your living and cure various ailments without any hassle.

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