WoW TBC – Best Specs for The Druid

If you’d like to get the most of the Druid in TBC, then there’s some choices to make.

When choosing aspects of WoW TBC such as class, specs and other features it can be confusing to deal with. You may already be focusing on the best ways for earning TBC Classic gold. Or even bypassing grinding and such by going to buy WoW TBC accounts. To offer an option for your character, you could take the path of the Druid. We’re going to delve into what the best choices are for you to make with the Druid, and what you can expect to get out of it.

How Useful Are Druids?

This is a subjective matter in terms of choosing classes. The class you choose should be the one that fits your play style the most. If you’ve been struggling for options, then maybe the Druid is right for you.

If you are going down the route of a Feral Tank, then you can make the most of the effectively high health pool that is available to you. There is also the fact that they can take a lot of damage, as well as avoid it with the skills they possess. This approach would be the best as far as DPS goes. That said, the offtank role is key with the high damage output and mitigated damage that it can handle. Read About Pokemon Unite.

You could go with the Restoration Druid too, which has some very effective upgrades that comes with it. Maybe not so helpful in raid healing territory, the Restoration Druid does manage to thrive with the Tree of Life. This will help too, to increase the healing that you get by 25% of the spirit of those within 45 yards.

Then we have Feral DPS Druids, that you wouldn’t choose over other DPS classes necessarily. However, they aren’t at as much of a disadvantage as they were in Classic. Should you go with Cat Druid, you will also be missing out on the defensive cooldowns that you could be getting from a different class.

For players that want to use their hard-earned WoW TBC gold on being a utility player, then you can benefit from being a Balance Druid. Don’t just expect to be a utility character either, as you will also be able to dish out pretty good damage as well. You’ll not likely be rubbing shoulders with the top tier DPS classes, but there’s enough there for you to be a good addition to a raid group.

Best Specs

This brings us onto what we have all been waiting for. There are different specs for you to use to your advantage depending on what approach you are going to be taking to the game. The Feral Bear Tanks for example are the best Druid spec when playing PvE and group activities. With a potent mix of restoration and balance being brought to the party, you can rest assured you’ll be the talisman of your group.

However, if you’d prefer to focus on PvP, it might be better to go with the Restoration Druid. The reason for this is simply down to how effective they are with healing in battlegrounds and arenas. They manage mana very proficiently, and will be able to use their abilities to get out of dodge when needed.

Your main goal might be to max out your levels. Those who want to get through The Burning Crusade power leveling as quickly as they can should consider the Balance Druid. Their nature of being of use in both solo and group aspects make them shine here. A hybrid spec with the Feral Druid is also a fair option if you’re hoping to get through TBC power leveling as the Druid.

With the classes you get in WoW TBC, you’ll be earning talent points. There are 51 in total, and the Druid can benefit very favourably from the trees that are in place. It will give you the opportunity to mix up your specializations and combine the talents that you come across to help you with whichever approach you’re taking to the game.

There are many TBC items out there too which will aid your journey going towards the max level. As will currency, if you do wish to buy TBC gold. But knowing more about the class you choose is going to more often than not be the difference between success and failure. The Druid can be a very balanced choice for you to make here, and if you’ve been looking for versatility, then this may be the option for you after all when playing WoW TBC.

Have you played as the Druid in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade? Let us know in the comments section below!

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