Wizz App Review – Is Make New Friends App Worth?

Wizz app with the tagline Make New Friends offers a fun way of finding and making new friends. The app features a swipe interface, which allows users to scroll across the bios and choose a friend quickly to connect with. When two users agree to be friends, the chat starts instantly. Even large groups can be created for chatting. There is a user profile including interests, photos, and a short biography. 

Users can even add optional information to their profile for extra access. For example, more photos increase the chance to see more of the potential new friend’s pictures. Users can play soul-matching mini-games with friends and even share videos, photos, and gifts during private chats.

Who can use Wizz?

The Make New Friends app is all about socializing or connecting with strangers having a common interest. Wizz is a perfect, without frills, acceptable, social networking app for adults looking for a friendly connection. It is not a virtual space for an age group less than 18. 

There are chances that foul language can be used even if the protocol of the app prohibits violent or sexual content. Some moot topics can slip up within the chats. User’s bio pictures can be sexually evocative. Even if the Wizz app uses an age verification feature to match users of similar ages in same feed, the probability that it may not work reliably exists. Adults and minors can appear in same space, connect, get approved, and start chatting. 

Is Wizz app worth it?

The digital landscape is saturated with social media channels facilitating finding new friends and connecting. It claims to help find new friends but falls short because it is a hyped chat app rather than a full flourished social media channel. With a bare-bone profile, users can browse through bios of other users to choose a potential bestie and dismiss the rest. As soon as friends’ requests get approved both can start talking but there is not much beyond that. 

The downside is the app’s inability to reliably match its age group. Wizz app includes an age verification system, which is designed to verify the entered birth date against a submitted user’s photo. It means minors can circulate with adults. Several singles are looking for friendship and inappropriate profile pics making Wizz look like a disturbing dating app. It is not a social space for minors or teenagers. 

Wizz was designed to motivate people to communicate with one another. The only way to make friends is through communication. The only issue here is it is marketed to a younger audience, which parents are concerned about. 

People adore the way Wizz App works and how they can connect or chat with worldwide users almost instantly. The issues include the number of fake accounts trying to sell content and delayed messages because of bad connections but for a decent-looking individual, there is no issue in finding new friends. 

People take good things and make them bad….not app developers’ responsibility!

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