Winning FG2900 Headgear Review

The Winning FG2900, the headgear of geniuses. With unmatched insurance and solace, the FG2900 is the best Boxing headgear of today. It has effectively turned into a top pick, no headgear can match it 100 percent without losing a point or two in different classes. Like continuously, Winning headgear has made a show-stopper.

Protection and Padding:

The cushioning utilized in the FG2900 is layered. The internal layer is delicate which helps in solace and furthermore permits the winning headgear to shape your face. The FG2900 in a real sense embraces your face because of the cushioning utilized. The external layer is all the more firm which permits it to all the more likely assimilate shock.

The insurance is practically unparalleled. Because of the thick cheeks, the FG2900 offers the best nose insurance of any winning headgear that is not a face-saver. The cheeks joined with the brow additionally work really hard at securing the eyes. The cheeks additionally help to move off snares, they nearly avoid them off. As I expressed before the cushioning utilized works effectively at retaining shock. The main grumbling with regards to assurance is the extremely insignificant, practically nonexistent back and side cushioning. This implies any bunny punch either deliberately or coincidentally will land flush. This is the tradeoff you get however as adding back cushioning would change the low weight.

Solace and Vision:

This is the main winning headgear I’ve utilized that in a real sense embraces your face. I have utilized copies of the FG2900 and keeping in mind that they come exceptionally near the FG2900 no winning headgear has had the option to impersonate that “embrace.” Even the edges, the channeling, of the winning headgear kind of tumbledown and attempt to shape to your head. The winning headgear balances impeccably which simply adds to the staggering solace. It’s a piece of stuff that feels like it was made explicitly for the individual utilizing it.

The vision of the FG2900 is unsurpassable. Indeed, even a few open-face headgears have more regrettable vision than this. Your fringe vision is unaffected and the cheeks likewise dark nothing. Indeed, even in kickboxing, this winning headgear permits you to see the kicks coming. Totally wonderful vision generally speaking, practically like you’re not wearing anything.

Quality and Durability:

Being made by winning it is normal that the FG2900 is of the greatest quality conceivable. Obviously, Winning conveys. Winning headgear is the absolute best, blunder-free piece of stuff. winning headgear The materials utilized by Winning headgear are fantastic, from the engineered to the calfskin. Master quality and unparalleled toughness thus. Indeed, even the plastic fast clasp is thick and solid. It’s extremely simple to cut on and off and it can make a few efforts and not come unraveled. The main bad quality piece of the FG2900 would be the included bands as they are not difficult to part separated.

Winning Headgear is half engineered, half calfskin. In particular, the calfskin is on the outside while the engineered is on the inside.

While Winning’s calfskin is the top pick out of the multitude of brands I’ve utilized, Winning’s engineer is astonishing. Exceptionally delicate, satisfying to the eye, and point of fact strong. Manufactured warms up somewhat more than cowhide however I don’t care about it. Many individuals totally disdain manufactured as a result of that yet except if a headgear has implicit AC then, at that point, don’t anticipate that it should be cold after rounds of competing.

In general, I can see this headgear enduring a long time of weighty use and as yet looking practically all-around great a while later. As I said, presumably the absolute best piece of stuff that I own. Other than the bands, the quality and development of the FG2900 are awesome. A genuine instance of Winning flawlessness is the little subtleties like the channeling. Winning’s channeling on the FG2900 is straight totally. Different brands however you don’t actually see that, you end up with wavy channeling, and keeping in mind that that doesn’t hurt the exhibition at all it most certainly shows Winning’s tender loving care.


Very much like their gloves, on the off chance that different organizations attempt to duplicate your plan, you clearly have an incredible recipe. I have only recognition for the plan. I believe it is ideal or comparably near as amazing as any brand has come. From the froth arrangement to the materials, to the cheeks, to the conclusion, everything is totally amazing.

The froths and general shape help fit flawlessly to your head. The cheeks secure the nose astoundingly thinking about this isn’t a face-saver. The layered froth assimilates shock better compared to any headgear I’ve utilized. The main issue the FG2900 has is that the sides and back cushioning is practically nonexistent. Exceptionally dainty, totally negligible cushioning, and it most certainly doesn’t ensure much by any means. By and by I haven’t definitely disapproved of this however I realize different others have so it’s something that would merit referencing without a doubt.


Contingent upon where and when you purchase an FG2900, the cost can go from $140-$250+. Mine expense $200 several pennies and I don’t think twice about it by any stretch of the imagination. I really anticipate purchasing another, more custom one down the line. The sticker price is definitely justified and keeping in mind that not every person concurs with that, you get what you pay for to say the very least. As I would like to think it merits burning through $200 to ensure your mind for quite a long time than burning through $30 on a headgear that will last both of you months and leave you shook after each great punch.

Winning FG-2900 Sizing:

The FG2900 comes in four sizes, 21in-23in for medium, 22.5in-24.5in for enormous, 23.5in-25.5in for 2 huge, and ultimately 25in-28in for 3 huge. Head measures in at precisely 23.5in so went with the enormous. FG2900 fits impeccably, not excessively big or little, in a real sense great. The cheeks aren’t spread separated wide or very close, it is not excessively close or too loose. Basically, no headgear fits this impeccably.

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