Why to prefer LED Panel lights over others?

There is a lot of confusion among the different types of lights available because of the number of choices available. But the LED (Light emitting diodes) panel lights are very competitive in the market with their reliability, long service life, and affordable price. You can find different varieties of LED panel lights at reasonable price from https://www.lepro.com/led-panel

 They have a wide range of comfort level for the people in direct exposure offered by their light spectrum and the superior brightness. The best LED panel lights instead of traditional fluorescent lights are drop ceiling light panels. To make your life easier, we listed the pros and cons of these lights below.

Specifications of LED panel lights

Installation of LED panel lights rather than other lights can get more illumination and save a lot of energy at the same time. Lepro drop ceiling light panels deliver efficient output of 6500Im of perfect high-performance white light. It cuts down the electricity bills by providing 130Im/w of uniform light efficiency.

UFO LED high bay lights are also available on https://www.lepro.com/led-panel. These are one of the high seller lights because it has a mind blowing feature of light brightness adjustment as it has in built 1-10V dimmer. These lepro LED panel lights are very user supportive and ensures 5 years warranty.

PROS of using LED panel lights

1. Lepro LED panel lights are approved through ETL certification and are manufactured with a long lifespan of 50,000 hours and comes with 5 years warranty.

2. LED panel lights are known for light efficiency as they use the backlit technology and diffuser panel to deviate the light flow without the formation of shadows.

3. These lights are equipped with heat-dissipation technology to tolerate all types of pressure and heat. So they can continuously work at high temperature of even greater than 40󠇅°C. 

4. They are better lightning options as they reduce glare are provide more radiant light.

5. LED Panel lights are cost effective which makes them best choice for usage in schools, offices and hospitals.

Lepro LED Lights

There are many companies manufacturing and selling efficient and reliable LED lights. Lepro is one of them which is best known for providing versatile LED lights. High bay lights, outdoor flood LED lights, LED color changing strip lights, LED ceiling lights and much more. The advanced technology and good quality material makes them ETL certified and are reliable for commercial use.

You can check out www.lepro.com for different light fixtures and can also get 10% discount om registering with a business account on our website. On purchasing products of more than $39 you will be not charged with shipping charges. You will get 5 years warranty on all the products and in case of any issue in the products, our customer support team can help you as well.


LED panel lights are more technologically advanced lights that use LED technology and more energy efficient which also decreases your electricity bills. They are specially designed to give direct white illumination giving effect of day environment. Lepro is one of the most reliable sources for providing best LED panel lights at reasonable prices.

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