Why should you purchase structural bonding adhesive products from DeepMaterial?

The adhesives or the waterproof glue have a wide range of applications in numerous industries and the different adhesive products are manufactured by various companies in the industry. The DeepMaterial Co. Ltd. is one of the most prominent and highly efficient manufacturer of a wide range of adhesive products in the market. The adhesive products manufactured by the company are used in the semiconductor home appliance, electronic applications, surface protection materials for the chip packaging, and also testing.

The company has continued to modify the application of resin materials and adhesives. As per the strategic plan by https://www.deepmaterialcn.com/, it will focus on developing new semiconductor materials and EB curing adhesives. The resins and EB curing adhesives will provide efficient solutions to tackling the bottlenecks like bonding strength, open operation time, and curing of any structural adhesive around the globe. This helps in forming no curing time, no open time, high viscosity and the new adhesives having high bonding strength will break the current usage of component assembly and electronic products, PCB circuit board substrate processing, precision sensors, PCB circuit board etching processing and new energy.

The market adhesive application for the industry of building materials, which is application of irradiation technology and EB curing towards semiconductor materials will break across current technical monopoly of the semiconductor protective materials made by Japanese companies, and it will achieve the technical overtaking on the curve.

Top class structural bonding adhesives from DeepMaterial

When it comes to structural bonding adhesive, DeepMaterial offers a comprehensive array of one-component as well as two-component acrylic and epoxy structural adhesives which are suitable for the structural bonding, protection, and sealing operations. The extensive collection of structural adhesive products from DeepMaterial gives good fluidity, high adhesion, high definition clarity, low odor, excellent stickiness, and high bonding strength. Regardless of the high temperature resistance or curing speed, the extensive collection of structural adhesive products from DeepMaterial provide excellent performance, that is fully able to meet the electronic assembly requirements of the customers.

The four prominent types of structural bonding adhesives provided by the company includes Acrylic adhesive, Epoxy resin adhesive, Polyurethane adhesive, and organic silicone adhesive. The two of the different types of structural bonding done by the company includes rigid bonding and elastic bonding.

Rigid bonding: The tough or strong adhesive is able to withstand applications of high-load construction and it is also used for replacing mechanical connections. This type of adhesive is used for connecting two workpieces and thus it is known as structural bonding.

Elastic bonding: The elastic adhesives are primarily used for absorbing or compensating for the dynamic loads. Apart from that, the elastic properties of this adhesive has relatively high modulus and high body strength and also excellent connection strength. The prominent structural bonding adhesives sold by DeepMaterial includes DM-6030, DM-6012, DM-6003, and DM-6063.

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