Why Should You Consider Terrazzo Flooring For Your Bathroom And Kitchen Aesthetics?

Browse no farther than terrazzo tiles for an outstanding surface choice that is milder than granite and more fascinating than porcelain.

Although terrazzo has always been present for years in Australia, the elegance and textured nature of contemporary terrazzo make it a prefered alternative for adding appeal to advanced environments. Terrazzo tiles in Australia have been a prominent tile alternative in the kitchen and bathroom. It can be in the form of terrazzo floors, wall panels, or dramatic kitchen panels, as among the popular styles in décor.

Types Of Terrazzo

Poured Terrazzo flooring.

The first and most costly implementation, similar to poured cement, arrives in a damp mixture and is applied on-site by specialists. A terrazzo surface is sharpened and buffed to the appropriate quality once hardened. You may also create a unique appearance by incorporating steel or other metallic dividers into the motif.

Terrazzo tile flooring.

Terrazzo tiling is obtainable in large and small formats, and it can be delivered and installed on-site just like any other flooring. Tile, the most common terrazzo surface material, may also be utilised on wall surfaces, splashbacks, and other flat spaces. It’s ideal for damp locations and a more cost-effective approach to include terrazzo into your designs.

Terrazzo hybrid flooring.

The locking mechanism on hybridised terrazzo-look floors allows it to work out just fine like a hovering platform. It already includes an impermeable underfloor connected to the planks, so it could be installed in just a day as far as your surface is entirely levelled (such as cement). Once installed, the impression of hybrid terrazzo tiles in Australia is closer to the actual thing, making it an economical, quick, and straightforward alternative that acts as a sonic boom and is less chilly underneath true terrazzo floors.

Why Should You Choose Terrazzo?


Terrazzo is often recognised as the most ecologically sound and long-lasting building supply in Australia. It is made of construction material and mineral admixtures such as marbles, stone, and silica, which give it its distinctive mottled appearance. Next, it is sanded, sharpened, or polished based on the quality.


Terrazzo seems to be more resistant to damage than most other tiles, making it excellent for floors in busy areas. Terrazzo is not evenly distributed. Fragility, permeability, and discolouration can occur with cheap terrazzo. Terrazzo, created in Italy, is manufactured under tight settings to ensure that the substance never degrades.


Terrazzo tiling is moisture resistant and thermally resilient and simple to shape, rendering them user-friendly and excellent for use not only as a surface but also in a multitude of conditions.

Terrazzo tiles in Australia seem to have become incredibly common in the kitchen and bathroom. Terrazzo tiles are ageless and may be used in any setting, from classic to trendy, and they are also handy for an external layover.


Terrazzo is sincerely one-of-a-kind, and it is available in nearly every hue. These personalised shades and blends could be created–from eye-popping tones to neutral shades so that everything from a sophisticated contrasting colour to an innovative kaleidoscope configuration can be attained, complimenting the diverse hues of houses of Australia.

Flooring Terrazzo

Using terrazzo tiling is a terrific method to integrate texture and color differently. It offers you to pick from a plethora of colours and patterns that, when explored in-depth, emphasise the hues of your preference.  

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