Why should we consume saffron in pregnancy

Well in case of pregnancy it is not just a concern of one body but also an alive body inside it  . So if the mother is doing something like eating , drinking , doing any activity, all of such things will directly affect the mother’s body and the health of the baby as well. 

If we talk about saffron in pregnancy there are some interesting facts about it 

As we know that saffron is the female reproductive part of flower stigma and style obtained from the  crocus sativus 

Saffron has  great health benefits and it is also very rich in anti -oxidant which actually enhanced it’s usage ,as saffron is harvested manually which take alot of time and hard work ultimately make it very expensive 

If we talk about pregnancy in Indian culture or According to indian tradition and past histories it is believed that all those food having the hot potency is not good if taken during pregnency as it may increase the chances of miscarriage and problem during labour and saffon is one of the foods having hot potency , so it is not generally advised to taken during the pregnancy in first trimester or first three months as first three months of pregnancy are of the crucial months in an whole. Else, you can also do a saffron test at home 

Some interesting facts about saffron during pregnancy are 

  • It is seen in some culture in india that if saffron is taken during pregnancy of course after proper consultation with your health advisor that it may make your baby skin time more fairer , but there is no scientific research and evidence behind it so it can’t be completely true 
  • Well if saffron is taken in the proper  prescribed dosage after proper health consultation with your obs- gyne then it’s fine but if taken in higher doses it may leads to toxification and increases the chances of miscarriage by causing the stimulation in womb 
  • If saffron is taken in proper  dosage after the first trimester it is kind of good for uterus health but dosage matters a lot. You should know to check genuine saffron, it’s all you need to have the knowledge about saffron and testing. 
  • Saffron also helps during labour as it helps in induction of uterus 
  • Saffron helps to reducing the mood swings, stress, anxiety and discomforts during the pregnancy 
  • As Saffrons acts as an anti- depresent and anti- oxidant it boosts up the proper blood circulation hence reduces the mood swings and enhances proper brain functions. 
  • In some women during pregnancy it is seen that there is hike in  blood pressure, saffron helps you to maintaining it 
  •  Saffron is also very useful in digestive related issues during pregnancy
  • During pregnancy there are alot of hormonal changes it’s a roller coaster ride but saffron acts as a pain reliever , Relief your muscles and helps in decreasing blood pressure 
  • It might also prevent some of the allergic reaction occur during the pregnancy 

But it is advised to take saffron after first trimester or may be after fourth months of pregnancy after proper consultation by your gyne- obs in proper prescribed doses 

According to Ayurveda it is suggested to take saffron after the first move of the baby or after five months. 

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