Why Must Every Woman Have Silk in Their Closet?

For years, millions of users, from all around the world have experienced the charm of silk being the royal fabric. It is a material with the most demand in the clothing industry and trade. Even the royalty expresses their passion for procuring silk garments at their finest. Reports from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that the country trades 50 million AUD worth of silk in a month in the international markets. No other fabric gives such a silky, smooth and shiny finish. From a short silk dress to a long gown, it can fit any body shape and falls freely to enhance the best features in a woman. Although silk dresses are more accessible than ever before, they are relatively more expensive than other fabrics. But most women prefer them for their comfort, texture, durability and flexibility.

Here are the compelling reasons why every woman must keep silk as an option in their closets.


Silk is a fabric that has the flexibility to cover various contours of the skin effortlessly and allow the wearer to shapeshift through physical activities seamlessly. Whether a person is walking, sitting, shopping, dining or enjoying the outdoors, a short silk dress can move with ease and accommodate any position she is in. The fabric is lightweight, has no rigid points and does not cling.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Silk is the perfect choice of clothing for anyone with acute allergies, asthma or sensitive skin. As silk is a derivative of natural fibre, good-quality clothing can help those with sensitivities by warding off allergens like mould and dust mites. Silk comes from the cocoons of silkworms that naturally ward off dangers and prey like fungus and mites. The protein called sericin present in them organically repels such irritants.

Healthy for the Skin

Apart from warding off allergens, silk is a smooth fabric that does not irritate the skin. It is excellent at keeping the skin plump and hydrated. The insulating properties of silk keep the moisture close and prevent the skin from becoming dry or chafing. Therefore, wearing a short silk dress, suit or pants can keep the moisture intact and soft. Silk fibres also interact smoothly with the skin and do not rub wrongly. It is also one of the reasons why sleeping masks and pillowcases made of silk are popular today.

Strength and Durability

Apart from these features, silk is also a strong fabric. It does not tear away easily despite the amount of pressure. Although it is not highly elastic, it has a stretching capability such that it does not damage the print. Even after multiple uses over the years, the fabric doesn’t stretch and still maintains good style. It is one of the reasons why silk is passed down through generations. It also has elasticity and resilience that keep it intact for years.

Keeps Cool During Hot Summers

Australia is known for its hot summers when the temperature can go up to 32 degrees Celcius. Silk can absorb moisture 10 to 30 per cent of its weight. It makes silk a breathable fabric. Its thin and lightweight nature enables wearers to stay cool when they are outdoors. Loose-fitting clothes, short silk dresses, and scarves are the best choices for the summer.

It is Shiny, Luxurious and Soft on the Skin

Apart from all the practical and functional benefits, silk has a regal look that no other fabric can provide. It is not just good for the environment but for the skin. Silk is a beautiful fabric to look at due to its prism-like structure, which enhances the beauty of its wearer.

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