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Social media is the most popular digital tool used today, there are billions of social media users all around the world. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and WATS app are widely used social media tools.

Many people spend most of the time of their day on social media, a research has proven that people on average spend 2 to 3 hours daily on social media. Which when multiplied by billions of users, makes it clear that social media is the most preferred modern marketing platform.

Explainer videos are a very covenant social media marketing tool, it’s observed that everyday 4 billion videos are just scrolled on Facebook everyday averaging 100 million hours of video content every day.

Animated Videos are one fine type of explainer videos which are powerful marketing tool, research has observed that the viewers are able to grasp 95% of the information in the animated video content, compared to other type of text video contents. Making animated explainer videos a clear winner when it comes to social media marketing.

Connecting to an animated explainer video company is best suited if you’re looking forward to build a explainer video for your business, you can also find many local video editors who can get the job done, but it’s always suggested to go with an animated explainer video company rather than a local video editor.

Explainer Mojo is one fine animated explainer video company in the UK and USA, providing best animated explainer video services. Feel free to connect to Explainer Mojo.

Animated Explainer Video Features

One of the best marketing tools on the social media, are animated explainer videos. These videos come with many features which sets them apart from other explainer videos.

Animation: These videos are rich in animations thus help attract audience.

Graphics: Often rich in graphics, animated explainer videos possess highly visual graphics which helps viewer understand content better.

Duration: Animated explainer videos start from 2 and can extend up to 5 minutes, you can extend or crop the video duration according to your requirement.


One of the features of animated explainer video is isometrics, these are smooth motion animations which add an extra touch of uniqueness to your animated explainer video.

These are some of the key features of Animated Explainer videos, further let’s discuss in a bit more detail about isometric explainer video and animated explainer video pricing.

Isometric Explainer Video

Isometric explainer videos are graphically animated videos which are parallel projections of pixels.

These isometrics are usually used in flash games, these are side-lined graphics and parallel projections.

Isometric explainer video consists of graphics, pixels, parallel projections, side projections, 2d and 3d graphics and motion graphics.

Highly user friendly and helping business grow on social media, isometric explainer videos are a perfect tool to market your business on social media platforms.

Pricing Of Animated Video

Animated explainer video pricing can depend upon your requirement, a customised animated explainer video pricing can be anything around $3500 to $5500.

A low quality animated explainer video pricing can be anything from $500 to $2500, If your looking forward for a convenient animated explainer video pricing with customised features, then Explainer Mojo provides you with the best animated explainer video pricing with customised features. Feel free to connect to explainer video for the best animated explainer video pricing.

Explainer Mojo

One of the leading and most reliable animated explainer video company on the UK is Explainer Mojo. Providing all services related to explainer videos under one platform.

Explainer mojo has successfully worked with a number of client from UK to USA and many parts of Europe.

We provide most affordable explainer video pricing according to your video requirements, we provide customised packages to our clients so all our clients’ needs are fulfilled under one roof.

So if you need a perfect explainer video for your business social media activities, and are looking for a animated explainer video company then feel free to get in touch with Explainer Mojo, the best explainer video production company in the UK.

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