Why Is Whipped Cream In A Dispenser Better?

Whipped cream in a dispenser is always better than making your whipped cream and then placing it in a container instead. Whipped cream chargers are proven to be the best companion for whipped cream ever since the tasty treat was mass-produced to be sold in groceries around the world. Different factors affect the way whipped cream gets better if always placed in a canister. We are talking about preserving the rich quality of the whipped cream that you can make at home. That’s why you should follow this tip if you are planning to use whipped cream as a garnish or for sale.

To understand more about what I am trying to discuss here, below are the different advantages that you can get if you use whipped cream chargers instead of simply placing it in a container and refrigerating it:

Everything You Need To Know Abot N2O – Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide, chemically known as N2O, is the gas used to create the foamy texture of the whipped cream inside the canister. The N2O is not soluble in water, which is why the whipped cream does not look much like liquid anymore once released from the tip. N2O is also the reason why there is no added flavor present in whipped cream, except for the ingredients used to make the cream mixture. This is why N2O cream chargers are excellent for applying whipped cream over drinks and desserts that need whipped cream as garnish.

Helps You Control The Fat and Sugar Content

You can treat the whipped cream canister as a means to make your whipped cream somewhat healthier. You can adjust the whipped cream’s ingredients to change the flavor, and so as the sugar and fat content using the whipped cream canister. Adding any ingredient as what you often add for homemade whipped cream is a fine addition once you place them in a charger. Just be sure to mix the ingredients well before placing them in the canister so then all flavors would combine. 

Dissolves Fat

You need to place a thickening agent in the whipped cream mixture once you place it into the canister. Usually, fat is used to provide this required component for the whipped cream charger. The N2O in the whipped cream charger is capable of dissolving fat, especially once the whipped cream has thickened enough in it. This can be considered a health benefit, especially for those who want to make sure that their cholesterol and fat intake are lessened. The next advantage you can get from whipped cream compliments well with this one.

Stabilizes The Whipped Cream

The N2O in the canister, and the way the whipped cream is sealed inside it, can stabilize it for several weeks. You do not need to put any stabilizing ingredients into the whipped cream mixture, which often adds up extra fat content into the whipped cream. This lessens the costs needed to purchase all the ingredients for your whipped cream. But take note that you can still add your stabilizers, especially if they add up extra flavor to your whipped cream.

Preserves The Whipped Cream

The whipped cream will be greatly preserved inside the sealed dispenser the moment you place the screw on the head of the charger. Since there is no other gas than N2O inside it, the whipped cream will be well-preserved. It is preserved enough to last for a week or two once you seal the whipped cream inside the chargers. For best results in keeping the stability and lifespan of your whipped cream, it’s best to refrigerate it when not in use.

Easy To Clean

What made whipped cream chargers much preferable than the classic homemade utensils is because it is very easy to clean. Though it takes a little bit of extra effort to disassemble each part, cleaning all the parts is as easy as cleaning your spoon, fork, and glass of water. Just clean all of them thoroughly with dishwashing soap, plus a lot of water, and your canister is ready to use again once dried. 

Easy to Assemble

You will never have a hard time assembling the canister. You just have to know where the parts go and have a screwdriver just in case your charger needs one. The whipped cream dispenser is very user-friendly and has a manual for you to learn more about how it works.

It’s The Standard For Using Whipped Cream

As many have said, nitrous oxide cream chargers are regarded as partners of whipped cream itself. It is best to contain and use them with an N2O dispenser as it retains its froth, making it the perfect add-on to every dessert. What’s also amazing about whipped cream chargers is that they are very affordable, which is why it’s best to get them now if you are planning to make one.

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