Why do we Call Marketing the Backbone of a Business?

Imagine setting up a business of specific products or a particular service and aiming to maximise your profits and attaining the standard and professional goal of survival and sustainability in the long term, yet without proper awareness, would you be able to make it? Not at all! You might end up shutting your business down in a few months. The earth is surrounded by uncountable individuals who are continuing to grow as time passes. Every individual or group has specific demands and needs while living in a particular location, and hence meeting their demands and needs is the key focus of every organisation. However, without letting them know what you are offering and how it will satisfy their requirements, how do you plan on surviving in the future?

This is possibly the main reason why we all need marketing. Marketing is a whole world that guides you on how to sell your product and spread the word regarding the availability of a robust solution in the form of a product or service you tend to offer. Marketing not only emphasises spreading appropriate awareness, but based on your expertise and your designing capabilities, marketing can be an essential tool in attracting the right customers to your business. However, bearing in mind, marketing is not a straightforward approach. It requires years of experience, a handful of investment and continuous monitoring for further enhancements to remain optimised in the long term.

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A Growing Trend of Video Marketing – What do we Perceive through it?

Marketing has never been a piece of cake to anyone. Why do we need to do Masters’ in Marketing if it had been so easy to practically implement a marketing strategy? This is probably one main reason that stimulates us towards gaining proper and formal education and knowledge about marketing before applying it within the desired course of action.

As technology has benefited us in one way or another, it had been an influential contributor in marketing. Marketing is all about communicating with your existing and potential customers, and modern technology has eased the way communication had been practised for a long. Perhaps, you wouldn’t even bother to check the physically-printed pamphlets of your choice of fashion brand when an image of it is available on your social media platform, which you can save in your phone’s memory. That is the brighter side of technology which we all love.

Similarly, modern technology has been on its improvement stage forever. One of its significant results has been witnessed through the emergence of video marketing. Remembering old school days, when an advertisement of your favourite chocolate bar was on-aired on the television screens, and you admired it for the colourful background and the animations it was supported with. It lasted for a few moments, whereas the amount invested in presenting it was huge. Simultaneously, in today’s highly competitive and opportunity-filled environment, investing heavily at the initial stage of a start-up plan could be challenging and impossible for many. Thus, marketing introduced video marketing concept that we all come across frequently on different social media platforms we are well-familiar with, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Video Marketing is a solution that attracts potential entrepreneurs surrounded by limited resources to implement their business idea. It has been very persuasive, especially in the modern days, allowing the reach of a particular campaign being doubled than the traditional marketing initiatives. We all use YouTube once every day, and while playing some video, we are prompted with an advertisement video. Apart from the fact that this video frustrates nearly every one of us, it still buffers quite well, and we are forced to watch it for a couple of seconds till it can be skipped. In this short period, the seller’s idea has already reached you. If you have been attracted by any chance, you will search for the brand, the product/service being offered, and even look for the original advertisement video.

This is what we can refer to as an approach to smart marketing. Comparatively, you are paying an annual fee to platforms such as YouTube, which provides you with an opportunity to have your idea heard by the whole world, by all users of YouTube situated anywhere in the world.

Is Video Marketing as easy as it sounds?

Certainly not! The fact that video marketing is efficient and cost-effective doesn’t mean that there are no efforts behind the frame. It is probably more critical than traditional marketing and advertisement campaigns. Some of the experienced professionals employed for designing a reliable and attractive video marketing campaign charge higher rates for their unique creativity. Simultaneously, a highly competitive environment makes it equally challenging to finding an experienced individual who can perform the task as required and change the success level of a company as they have the sole responsibility of communicating with the existing and potential customers of a company, reshaping their perceptions, either negatively or positively.