Why Are Pergolas So Popular?

If you want shade and quiet space, you may wonder why pergolas are so popular. A pergola will not only create a beautiful outdoor living space but can also increase the value of your home. In addition to adding beauty to your yard, pergolas can be very easy to build. Read on to learn why they are so popular and how to build one yourself. Below are a few reasons to consider installing a pergola on your property.

They Provide Shade

Pergolas provide shade on all sides, but are they as effective as possible? Pergolas are often covered with an awning, which provides shade on either half or the entire pergola. Choose a sturdy fabric canopy that can withstand many years of exposure to the sun. You can even make your own canopy from an old sheet or piece of cloth. In addition to fabric, you can also use foliage to provide shade. Thin curtains let in light, while thicker ones can provide shade for an extended period. To further maximize your comfort and enjoyment of the warm summer weather, consider rosesunmotor.com for accessories to add to your pergola. 

Pergolas Add Value to Your Home

If you are in the market to sell your house, then consider installing a pergola to give your outdoor area an instant facelift. This outdoor addition can help you increase your home’s value and appeal to potential buyers and tenants. Pergolas offer many benefits, such as UV protection and shade, which can improve the resale value of your property. Furthermore, they also provide protection from rain and wind.

They Create a Sense of Seclusion

For extra privacy, you can install privacy screens over pergolas. They provide a sense of seclusion and privacy as they block out the sun’s rays. You can also use trellises and vines as “living walls.” This will make your pergola look more like an indoor room than an outdoor one. Pergolas can also be covered with plants, such as vines or ivy.

They Are Easy to Build

Building a pergola is surprisingly easy. It is attached to a deck or house or operates as a standalone structure, depending on your personal preferences. Pergolas are great for storing barbecue equipment and can become a beautiful focal point in your garden. In addition to their functional use, they’re easy to construct, so you can enjoy your outdoor living space for a long time.

They Are Inexpensive

Most people are attracted to the low price of pergolas. You can purchase a basic pergola at a big box store for around $1,000, but that pergola will only last a couple of years, especially if you live in an area that experiences harsh, tumultuous weather periods or strong winds. On the other hand, custom pergolas are made to last for decades. The cost of a pergola varies greatly, depending on the builder, the materials’ quality, and the structure’s size.

They Can Be a Do-It-Yourself Project

There are a few do-it-yourself strategies for building a pergola. To begin, you need to determine the height and width of your new pergola. Typically, a pergola needs rafters that are two by two inches apart and about 12 inches high. If you want to have shade, choose lattice for the roof. You can paint the wood, stain it, or leave it untreated. Adding vines such as Carolina jasmine is an excellent choice for providing shade. Hummingbirds are attracted to trumpet-shaped flowers.

They can be built with a variety of materials

Unlike many other types of pergolas, wood doesn’t need to be treated to remain attractive. Its lighter colour and non-porous structure make it a more affordable choice. Nevertheless, wood will eventually warp and rot, so proper maintenance is essential. Besides, it is also susceptible to UV light and insect activity, so you’ll need to treat it every few years. It also requires regular maintenance since moisture can penetrate it and cause structural issues.

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