Wholesale Jewellery Collection – the beauty of classic style for each bride

Wholesale Jewellery Collection usually contains a lot of classic and vintage style jewellery.

Vintage style is perceived, in the contemporary anarchy of statement fashion, as a refuge of uniqueness, specialness and belonging. Classic style jewellery usually tells a story, such as a confession of style; those jewellery is elegant and beautiful and for sure, classic style represents those accessories that will never go out of fashion.

On the other hand, vintage Wholesale Jewellery Collection has adapted to all the styles that dictate contemporary fashion, from urban chic to boho and glam rock. The patina and retro look of these accessories gives them a special versatility, a factor that has influenced their reinterpretation in bridal settings. Fashion specialists recommend opting for vintage Wholesale Jewellery Collection inspired by the Victorian style, characterized by attention to detail, finesse of workmanship and minimalism of ornamentation.

For example, jewellers recommend you to choose pearls when opting for classic bridal accessories. They meet the criteria both in terms of color, fine line beauty and elegance. In wholesale jewellery collections you can easily find discreet jewellery, especially necklaces sets or pearl earrings.

If it comes about luxury then diamonds have a special place in the recommendations of luxury jewellers. The diamond tradition was implemented in the whole world after being borrowed from the Western custom of brides wearing diamond jewellery accessories, but the cultural pretext is redundant when it comes to the supremacy of blue diamonds. Today, blue diamond jewellery is at the top of the list for brides-to-be.

Classic bridal jewellery is not exclusively characterized by minimalism. If you choose a simple or mermaid dress with a straight cut, you can you can use more accessories as long as you keep the neckline as simple as possible, preferably in a U-shape or a boat neckline.

But some jewelry from wholesale jewellery collection and a beautiful dress will be enough for a stunning look?

Actually no.  The way you choose to wear your hair on your wedding day is very important, especially because it must be in line with the rest of your outfit and accessories. If your wedding dress is simple and not very accessorized then you will definitely put emphasis on the hair accessories. Very fashionable right now are hair crowns also known as “tiara”. The tiara is a ubiquitous accessory at royal weddings and, indeed, wearing such jewellery will make you feel like a princess. If the wedding dress is not entirely white but has inserts of other colors, you can choose a crown-type hair accessory in the same shade. Dark pink or red roses can also complete the outfit especially if you have light blonde hair or black hair.

So, a tiara, a knot, a bow, a hat or an oversized flower – whatever it is, hair accessories take the notion of style to a new level in the modern style.  From the most precious braids and pleats, to the stunning feathers or the now commonplace hats, the hair accessories featured in wholesale jewellery collections add a touch of uniqueness to any outfit. You can add a plus to your look with a gemstone hair brooch, some natural flowers or one of the accessories created by celebrity designers or with whatever you find more affordable or interesting. One thing is for sure, if you consider yourself a ‘fashion victim’ you won’t end up bare-headed at the altar.                                                                                                                                          

Every woman wants in her wedding day to literally stand out in front of her future husband and guests. The nature and beauty that we are endowed with can be highlighted through outfits, hairstyles and accessories, which is why brides want the perfection in the most important day of their lives.

Whether you opt for a wide hairstyle or you want to leave your hair as free as possible, you will surely fall in love with the tiaras and crowns that wholesale jewellery collection workshops offer to future brides because they will definitely complete any bride image.

As an example, if you want to go for the classic style version of weddings of yesteryear, you can choose to leave your hair back and opt for the veil option tied with a tiara. The purity and femininity of these accessories, along with the classic style,  will make you look like a real. princess.

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