Who Can Get Benefits From eSIM Technology

Most of us are familiar with SIM card since the nineties.  A traditional SIM card is just a chip that enables us to connect with other networks. As technology is growing constantly, we will be lucky to utilize embedded SIM facility in the future. With the eSIM card, multiple devices can be connected.

GSMA has developed the eSIM technology, which contains a chip that has to be embedded in the device. The highlight of using eSIM is it lets the user change the operator without having to visit the mobile store physically.  Further, it lets people create many profiles on the same device.

You can also use two or three numbers on the same device simultaneously. If you want to know more about eSIM and want to benefit from it, then contact Celitech Firm. Their expertise develops an embedded SIM card that comes with advanced eSIM API.  They are an award-winning mobile data provider that manufactures innovative eSIM today.

Where can you see eSIM?

This innovative technology will not just be available in Mobile phones, but also in various devices that afford internet connections. Some of the smart devices that can have eSIM are smartwatches, smart wearables, Smart glass, Tablets, laptops, etc.

Benefits of eSIM Technology

After the release of Apple’s new iPhone, this embedded SIM has been in the trend. Some of the popular mobile operators that support this technology include Bell in Canada, Vodafone in Germany and EE in the United Kingdom.

More and more mobile operators are on the way to start to support this technology in the global market. Let’s have a look at the field where this technology is going to play a vital role in the future.

  • Agriculture

Many IoT devices are being used in agricultural practices. They are placed in genuine geographical areas where embedded SIM cards need to withstand all sorts of climate conditions. It includes extreme temperatures with varying weather from hot sunny days to rainy days.

As SIM is embedded into the device, it perfectly works in the agricultural field. Once it is placed in isolated areas, operators have to select the right network and wireless protocol to make the most of out it.

  • Smart Vehicles

It is no wonder that the global car market is going to get huge benefits from the eSIM. A car manufacturer can deliver its smart vehicles remotely with the help of this technology. If the car owner needs to migrate overseas, the connected car Network can help them swap the network providers. Hence, the Vehicle to Vehicle Communication is quite possible in the future.

  • Consumer IoT Devices

Consumers now have more than one connected device for daily usage. Whether it is a smart watch, a tablet, a laptop or even a voice assistant, a wide variety of consumer IoT devices are now equipped with eSIM feature, and thus consumers shall be able to connect such devices in new flexible and digital ways with the help of e SIM.


Unlike any other traditional SIM technology, eSIM occupies less space and comes at a reasonable price. It makes it easier for the user of any class to get the best technology of communication.

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