Where to Find the Best Music Scenes in Canada

Have you ever heard someone tell you that they don’t like music? You probably have however, I’m sure it’s been few and far between. Music brings people together in a way that nothing else can. It is a way to connect to our fellow man and to ourselves. These are the top cities in Canada for the best music scenes.

Montreal, Quebec

If you’re looking to move to the beautiful province of Quebec, Montreal is an epicenter of European-based artists. If you are more into underground music, something that is out of the mainstream, then Montreal is your city. And on the flipside, some of the most world-renown artists have their roots in Montreal.

Since the late 2000s, the music scene in Montreal has become quite unique. The music has been described as “weird” with its wonky and distorted electronic sound. This specific music has grown popular and is referred to as Montreal DIY. 

Montreal is home to many venues, festivals, and events that revolve around the diversity of music. Mount Royal is one of these venues spanning 500 acres for performance arts and attendees. And besides Montreal DIY, there are countless jazz, folk, and heavy metal scenes to explore. A little bit for everyone awaits in Montreal.

Ottawa, Ontario

For those seeking a little slice of Ottawa real estate, you may be surprised at what music they have to offer. Vertigo Records is the place to go to find out all the latest and greatest shows, events, festivals, and bands. Within walking distance of the ByWard Market, check out this spot to purchase tickets for your next event and pick up a vinyl or two.

Arguably the most popular venue in Ottawa, the Algonquin Arts Theatre showcases the arts from Broadway to orchestras. You can also catch your favorite performer touring here as well. The music that can be witnessed at the theatre is a vision into the dedication of the music scene in Ottawa.

Recently, Ottawa has funded a new campaign to invest in its local music scene and that created the Ottawa Music Industry Commission or the OMIC. OMIC aims to revitalize Ottawa’s music scene by supporting musicians and youth music programs and building community through the musical arts. 

Toronto, Ontario

Bursting with artistic talent, Toronto is a hub of all things music. Back in the second half the 20th century, the artists and talent pouring out of Toronto was like nothing we had seen. Opera and choral music grew along with professional theatre. 

Today Toronto has the largest music industry in Canada. Nearly $850 million is made annually from the local music scene. The music business drives other industries such as fashion, film, and food. Many large production companies call Toronto their home.

The music festival lineup for 2022 is already looking really amazing. Toronto hosts several popular music festivals throughout the year including North by Northwest which brings together musical and performing arts in June. It was initially for musical arts but slowly added in film in 2001 and comedy in 2013.

Additionally there is the Toronto Summer Music Festival which is a classical music festival celebrating the orchestral roots of Toronto. It is held at the Royal Conservatory of Music and the University of Toronto. If music is your muse and potentially a box that needs to be checked before moving, consider Toronto.

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