Best Dash Cam For Truckers

Where is the best place to mount a dashcam in a truck?

If you are looking for onboard cameras to install for your fleets, you may be asking, “What is the best car camera to buy?” Many websites promote onboard cameras and claim that onboard cameras are suitable for long-distance truck drivers, but in many cases, they are not as unique as when they are made for sale.

The main purpose of onboard cameras is to capture every detail of what is happening along the way. On-board cameras also give drivers a sense of comfort, as they record events that happen on the road and provide you with evidence when something bad happens.

To ensure that the onboard cameras you purchase do not have the missing parts or features that are essential for truck drivers, you must do some research and research. Well, we’ll help you with that! Read for more information on Best Dash Cam For Truckers

We have compiled a list of some very cheap onboard cameras for trucks to help you find the best onboard camera. Dashcam features to consider
Many trucks have trouble determining which onboard cameras to buy because it is difficult to know which onboard camera will meet all your needs. There are several cheap onboard cameras, some of which are better than others, but after researching you will understand what is best for you. Here are some key features to look for when comparing onboard camera options!

Automatic saving

The loss of video evidence due to a faulty onboard camera will make it difficult to resolve any collision, especially with cooperation with insurance companies. However, with autosave, your onboard camera will start recording when the car starts moving.


If you want better coverage and detailed images day and night, there may be a difference in the onboard camera with different viewing angles and wide-angle lenses. Most onboard cameras have a field of view between 130 degrees and 160 degrees. While a wider field of view can capture more images, this is at the expense of distortion, resulting in lower image quality.


Your car’s GPS will track your car’s exact speed and location. This is useful information when it comes to determining the exact location of an accident and also the speed of your journey during the accident.

Both of these details are very important when it comes time to file an insurance claim. The onboard camera with built-in GPS captures almost all the information you need.

Night vision

Trucks don’t want to spend money on an onboard camera that only works well at certain times of the day. That’s why your onboard cameras need to work as efficiently at night as they do all day.

If you are looking for the best onboard camera that works day and night, then look for onboard cameras that will experience high-quality video. Keep searching until you find a car camera that you can protect by providing clear and visible images at any time of the day.


Car cameras come in a variety of sizes and styles. Many trucks opt for a small device because it can be easily installed on the windshield and is not noticeable at the same time.


The overall quality of a video is determined by its resolution. The front camera can have a resolution of 1080p, 1296p, 1440p or higher, while the rear camera usually has a resolution not exceeding 720p.


The dual-channel onboard camera has a front camera and a rear camera. These dual-channel onboard cameras are ideal for trucks that want to keep track of what’s going on in the front and back of their car.

Best Dash Cam for Truckers
If you do not know what you are looking for or what you want from your onboard camera, buying a car camera can be a difficult process for you. It’s easy to be amazed when you look at the many options available to you. Here are the top truck cameras that we believe will meet the needs of trucks across the country.

Samsara AI Dash Cam

Samsara AI Dash Cams have been shown to protect drivers and reduce expenses by detecting incidents in real-time and providing preemptive in-cab coaching thanks to the brand’s user-friendly technology. You can install this dashcam very easily by yourself or you can seek assistance through one of our marketplace partners in a matter of minutes. 

Best Features:  

With HD film immediately uploaded to the cloud, you can analyze crashes, near-misses, inattentive driving, and other dangerous behaviors. With video evidence of the incident, you’ll be able to speed up the process of seeking compensation from insurance companies. 

Within minutes, the footage will be uploaded to the cloud, at which point you can access up to 100 hours of on-demand video through the Samsara dashboard. 

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