Where is the 657 Area Code?

The area code 657 is located in California and covers Orange, Santa Ana, and Anaheim. This is one of the newest Californian area codes and only came into service on September 23, 2008. It is part of an overlay area code complex with the 714 and 718 area codes, which cover the same geographic region. To learn more about the area code, read on! Here are some things to know about this area code.

The 657 area code is a mobile number. This means that it cannot be used for landline services. If you receive a text message from this number, do not click on the link if it offers free stuff or a fake job interview. The same holds true for any email you receive from someone claiming to be from this area code. If you’ve received a suspicious email or SMS message, contact your local law enforcement department.

The 657 area code is in California. The 714 area code covers Arizona, but not the state of Arizona. Its coverage is largely limited to the northern portion of Orange County. The 773 area code covers a large area of Los Angeles and Orange counties. The 407 area code serves areas of San Bernardino County and Osceola County. The 657 and 714 will cover the same region.

The 530 Zip Code

The 530 zip code is the state capital of California. The city has two different area codes (916) and 270 (Sacramento). You can get a second phone number from Burner, which gives you a 530 area-coded phone. It will be great to have a secondary phone number so you can avoid spam calls. Using this area-coded phone number is easy, and there are many options to get one.

The area code 530 serves 120 cities and locations throughout the state. The main locations are Chico, Redding, and Davis. The area code was initially assigned to the Dixon exchange in the Sacramento LATA. There are many other cities within the 510 and 530 areas, including Auburn, Chico, Colfax, Grass Valley, Marysville, Truckee, Yuba City, and Yosemite.

The 530 area code has several major cities in California. Redding, Chico, and Davis are some of the major areas in the 530 area code. There are also numerous small cities within this area code, like Auburn. The 530 area-coded phone number is available in 120 cities and locations. The corresponding ZIP codes are: 430, 540, 531, 550, 6162, and 960.

The 530 area-coded telephone numbers will be largely unaffected by this change. People who use the 530 area-coded phone number will still have access to the 916 area-coded phone numbers. Interestingly, the change will not affect the cost of calls. The new area code will cover the same geographic region as the old area-coded phone numbers. So, if you live in the Sacramento metropolitan area, the 530 area-coded phone number should be a good option.

Minnesota Area Codes for Cell Phones – 321

The Minnesota area code 321 is a three-digit telephone number that is a part of the North American Numbering Plan. This number is used to identify specific phone numbers and can be confusing for people. The good news is that this code is relatively easy to remember and is one of the more popular ones. You can find this code on your phone’s dial pad. Fortunately, you can use this number to look up the location of any number in the United States.

The second list shows the areas where this area code is used. You can easily find the area code for your phone by visiting Wirefly’s database. There are lists for the largest cities in Minnesota with their area codes next to them. The third table lists all the Minnesota state area codes alphabetically, with their names. To make the most convenient choice, choose the first option. Then, you can type in the area code you are looking for and click search. This will bring you to a map that will show all the cities where this code is used.

The 321 area code is the third largest area code in the US, after New York, Texas, and Illinois. The main areas that this area code covers are Orlando and St. Cloud, Florida. The code was first activated on 01 November 1999 and covers the state of Florida, including the cities of Deltona and Jacksonville. In fact, this area is part of the 407/321/689 overlay complex, which covers the same geographic area.

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