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Where Can You Get Better Product Engineering Services than Dolphin Industry?

You may or may not get the best engineering services at a lower cost, although there may be a few manufacturers that you can rely upon for designing your parts. It starts with rough drawings of the essential components of the machinery or equipment at your end, and the purpose of outsourcing the job means that you can cut down your production cost even further.

However, reliability is always a problem as the designing process may have to be done with perfection. Otherwise, the prices are sure to rise further.

Here, Dolphin Industry beats other competitors at the pricing level and the sketching, designing, prototype making, and finally, mass production. You may browse here at for further details and the aspect of making high-quality components at low prices.

70% to 80% of Total Cost is in Design of the Product

Studies have revealed that the initial product design process takes up about 70% to 80% cost. It is also noteworthy that the fewer the pieces of components made in a factory, the higher will be the overall cost. Clients need proper guidance under such circumstances, including cost accounting and technical assistance. However, very few Product Manufacturing Services take these extra steps to make the clients aware of the cost factor right at the beginning.

At Dolphin Industry, the team’s main objective is to give a complete solution to clients. Therefore, they aim to enlighten the customers about the pros and cons of the manufacturing process. The company team studies your rough sketch, and then through a series of communication over the internet and mobile, they will advise you as to which is the most suitable one for you.

They would make sure that you know the breakeven price per unit and help you determine how many minimum pieces are needed to reduce your total cost. After deciding on the various process, including 3D printing, injection mold, and CNC, you can give your approval to the team to start production of the prototype.

Among the different Product Engineering Services undertaken by Dolphin Industry, injection mold is best when clients need large quantities of the same part. If you need fewer parts with frequent changes in their design, you may have to agree with 3D printing.

Process Differ according to Components.

Some parts are manufactured on a mass scale, which means that the entire cost is divided over the number of units, while others need frequent changes in design. In some cases, like plastic injection molding and other materials, the waste is recycled, reducing the cost of materials inputs. Again, the team from Dolphin Industry will apprise you of the quantity of waste and how to deal with it.

In case of injection molding, which comes after the Product Design Services, they will brief the client whether the company uses sprues, runners, and gates and where it would be located. Further, before the manufacturing starts, you will know whether the tool used are single cavity, multi-cavity, or family mold layout.

You don’t get these services elsewhere.

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