When Is A Professional Land Surveyor Required?

If a property owner or developer needs to know the exact borders and attributes of their property, they must conduct a land survey. This is essential for building, subdivisions, easements, and more.

Consequently, a land surveyor gives comprehensive reports about a property’s characteristics. These include heights, levels, boundary lines, existing features’ distance from the border, and the placement of any easements.

When To Hire A Professional Land Surveyor: Four Examples

There are several reasons why you may require a professional to inspect your property. Here are four popular examples:

Establishing Boundaries

A registered land surveyor can identify the property lines for an existing or developing property. Determining boundary lines provide property owners with precise measurements of the beginning and end of their land. These are legal limits that might be utilized to settle boundary disputes with neighbors.

In addition, prospective buyers of real estate might hire a land surveyor to find the existing characteristics of a property about its borders to verify there are no encroachments by or onto the property. This guarantees that the purchaser receives the purchased item.

A property owner may wish to expand their current structure. Knowing the property borders will help them determine where they can expand without encroaching on a neighbor’s land.

Identifying Visible Services

Utility companies and municipal governments are permitted to preserve their assets on private land. Therefore, before beginning any form of building, it is essential to locate all utilities.

Land surveyors Sydney may find any visible utility on a site, including sewers, manhole covers, electricity and telephone poles, and any other visible utility.

There may be some limits that utility businesses must comply with. A land survey guarantees that new projects are constructed in a manner that either has no impact on the utilities or meets the standards for the preservation of the assets.

Subdivisions, Access, And Easements

If a property owner or developer wants to subdivide land, they must adhere to a variety of planning requirements. This necessitates that a town planner evaluates the site to determine how many lots may be created and their potential future usage.

For a town, planner to evaluate the property and for a subdivision to be developed, a land surveyor must conduct a topographical survey depicting the land’s current characteristics and elevations.

An easement is a section of land that a neighboring property has the legal right to use for a certain purpose. These factors may include water drainage and accessibility. There are two ways to legally register an easement: by producing and registering a plan or a dealing agreement. The needed approach is determined at the time by the land surveyor based on the design of the easement and several other considerations.

Construction Tasks

At each stage of the building process, architects, engineers, and construction specialists require land surveyors.

In the design phase, land surveys give architects information regarding

  • the land’s elevation
  • existing features
  • adjacent properties

During the building phase, land surveyors install physical markers by the authorized architectural drawings for trades such as excavators and concreters. The land surveyors then submit a drawing indicating the position of the markers and the necessary dimensions.

After construction, the land surveyor conducts a final survey and prepares a report. The final survey depicts the completed heights and placement of the new structure concerning the property lines.


Typically, land surveyors draw the boundary lines for a site or property. Additionally, they document certain qualities of the property. These may include natural or manmade landmarks, easements, and utility lines.

If you wish to establish property lines, construct a new structure, or subdivide your land, you must hire a land surveyor.

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