What’s the Difference Between Football and Soccer?

Many of us use football and Soccer interchangeably as per our convenience. But the truth is, both the terms are different from each other.

Football or Soccer. The age-old debate or confusion seems to have no end. Please note that both are two different sports. Football is played with a spherical ball in the USA. On the other hand, soccer is played with a round ball. That’s not all. There are many more differences between the two sports. Keep reading on as we outline all the essentials for you here.

General Meaning

Football is a generic term that refers to all the sports that are played with hands and feet to score goals. Australian Football, American Football, Association Football, Gridiron Football, and Gaelic Football are some examples of it. You can go for NFL Point Spreads on the football teams. On the other hand, Soccer is the word used in Canada, America, and Australia for the game of football.

Score or Points

You see, in American Football, the players score points. They earn points by kicking the football on the goal post. Apart from this, they can also score points by carrying the ball across the touchline of the opponent team. It is called a touchdown. Moreover, if you are into betting, then you should first understand the statistics behind winning football bets.

On the contrary, in the game of Soccer, players aim to score goals. Goals can be scored through corner kicks, field goals, penalties, or free kicks. Using hands in this game is prohibited. Moreover, the role of the goalkeeper is to prevent the opponents from scoring a goal in their goal post.

Time Duration

In American Football, a match is divided into four parts of 15 minutes each. A half-time intermission happens after the 2nd quarter. Moreover, the teams can stop the game frequently. On the other hand, a Soccer match is 90 minutes. It is divided into two halves of 45 minutes each. There is a break after the first half. Extra time will be allowed in the case of a stalemate.


In American Football, there is a booth review along with 3 to 6 referees. Whereas, in Soccer, there is one main referee who is assisted by two referees. A video assistant referee is also a part of the game. 

So, these were the major differences between the sports of football and Soccer that every sports enthusiast must know.

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