What Your Dog Says About You

There is an old tale about dogs looking like their owners, and if you investigate this, you can see that pet owners try to match their choice of pooch to themselves in one way or another. So, what does your pup and things you do for them say about you?


Do you have lots of chew toys, balls, and games for your best pal? If so, this is an indication of your need to feel playful and fun. If you have a hard-working life or family life, enjoying time playing with your dog might offer you some much-needed stress relief and a space to just relax and be silly. You can let your guard down without feeling embarrassed or guilty for not using your time ‘pro-actively’ because your dog is benefiting from the fun too!


If you invest in your dog’s health with wellness plans like the ones offered by Easy Vet, it will be proof of your caring and loving nature. You care enough about your canine friend to put money into any potential health problems they might have. It would not be a stretch to suggest that you are likely to be the sort of person that puts others needs in front of your own, on a regular basis.


Having a well-groomed animal shows everyone that you not only care for your animal but also care about how you are represented. Your animal’s presentation is a reflection on you, and if you spend time grooming your animal, that means that you look after things that you care about and want to keep things at their best.


How you behave is going to have an impact on your dog, just the same as it would a child. If you are short-tempered or anxious, this will be reflected in your pet, and equally, if you are very calm, you will have a very chilled-out doggy.


If you are a ‘couch potato’, it is likely that your dog will be too, and probably a little on the podgy side. If your dog is restless and not well exercised daily, this will reflect on your character poorly. Anyone that will not exercise their dog by choice is likely to be quite lazy and selfish.

Social life

Are you always taking your pooch on dog walking dates with your friends and their dogs or letting them run around with other dogs at the park. If that sounds like a description of you, then you are a naturally social person and enjoy being around other people and having new interactions. If you are walking through the park as quickly as you can with the dog on the lead, it might be a reflection of your anxiety over having unwanted conversations with other dog walkers that might come and stop by.

Having a dog, is certainly an interesting test of your character, modesty, and patience. You must be careful that if you have some bad traits, they aren’t shared by your dog.

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