What you should know about Cairns, Queensland?

Located in the state of Queensland, on the east coast of Australia, the city of Cairns is undoubtedly one of the jewels of this great country. Unfortunately, it’s not that famous, especially when compared to places like Sydney.

Despite this, this municipality is endowed with a first world infrastructure and is prepared to house the most diverse types of people, respecting their cultural and personal differences. Because of this, Cairns is a great option for students looking for a study destination with different experiences and away from the “mess” of large centers.

Next, we will talk about the reasons why this city is a great destination for exchanges, mentioning its main characteristics, advantages and particularities.

Where is Cairns located?

Cairns is situated in a truly privileged region of Australia. This city is located in the northeastern part of the country, about 1,500 km from Brisbane (the capital of the state of Queensland) and 2,500 km from Sydney. Despite the relative distance between these important municipalities, Cairns is located in an area within easy reach of many other Australian locations.

Queensland is one of the largest states in the entire country and, therefore, has an environment full of natural beauty and great biodiversity. Within its territory, for example, is located the Great Barrier Reef, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World that passes right along the coast of Cairns.

What are the main features of this city?

Cairns has a relatively small population, especially when compared to large Australian and Brazilian cities. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimate in 2011 was around 150,000 inhabitants.

The city’s climate is mostly coastal tropical, the same in Brazil, especially in the north and northeast regions. With that, we can say that Cairns has hot and rainy summers and mild and dry winters, with very low precipitation. In addition, the average annual temperature is high and intense cold is rarely observed in the place.

How is the lifestyle in the region?

The low population density and coastal climate make Cairns one of the quietest cities in all of Australia. In addition to having an excellent infrastructure in hospitals, schools and leisure options, this municipality has a rural charm that is difficult to observe in other locations.

In general, the native inhabitants of the city are very welcoming and hospitable. Therefore, integrating into local habits is much simpler and practicing immersion in the language and culture becomes an enriching experience in Cairns.

Another positive point is the possibility of walking a lot, riding a bicycle and leading a much healthier life in a comfortable and quality way. This contributes to making the stay in the city even more pleasant!

What is the cost of living in the region?

The concern with values is something very frequent and completely justifiable. After all, you have to pay a lot of expenses while studying abroad, right?

The city of Cairns is, in addition to being welcoming and full of beauties, a full plate for those looking to save money during their trip. At the same time, being relatively far from cities like Sydney, this city has a very low cost of living compared to other places.

Therefore, it is possible to get good accommodation and live a comfortable life spending much less. In addition, the city itself allows its lifestyle to be more economical, which generates greater financial control.

What is there to do in this city?

You have probably already realized that the city of Cairns is a true natural paradise. Therefore, ecotourism is one of the strong points of the region and its beaches are famous all over the world.

However, observing nature is not all you can do in Cairns. Despite the bucolic and peaceful climate, the city offers leisure options for the most varied tastes. The local nightlife, for example, is famous throughout Australia and there are several alternatives of nightclubs and other attractions for young people who like to party.

In addition, there are numerous options for gastronomic tours that can be done, contemplating not only the local cuisine, but also that of several countries and other regions of Australia. Culture is also not left out and the possibility of visiting exhibitions, museums and similar attractions is something very common.

What are Cairns’ academic and professional possibilities?

Although small, Cairns is a booming city. It is one of the fastest growing locations in the country, both economically and demographically. Therefore, job options are constantly being created there. Another important factor is its proximity to several other municipalities, which considerably expands the alternatives.

In addition, education options are not far behind. There are numerous schools with qualified staff for the most diverse specializations, and Cairns is also home to James Cook University, Sun Pacific College and CQUniversity Cairns, three excellent institutions that are reference in quality education.

How to do an exchange to this city?

To spend a season in Cairns and call this municipality your new home, it is essential to enlist the help of an agency specialized in the subject. These professionals are highly qualified to handle all the processes necessary for the exchange, making your life easier and making the experience much smoother.

In addition, agencies are also responsible for ensuring their support while you are abroad. After all, leaving your family and country of origin is not always easy, so having a helping hand is always a good alternative, isn’t it?

As we can see, despite not being so well known, Cairns is an extremely well-prepared municipality and an excellent option for an exchange program! Living in the region allows you to enjoy the tranquility of a small town with the infrastructure of large centers, in addition to being close to other must-see cities in Australia.

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