Intestinal Parasites

What To Know About Intestinal Parasites?

Intestinal parasites are microscopic organisms that feed on the human body, taking nutrients and other contents from their host. The types of intestinal pests can be either protozoan (single-celled) or worms/larvae, which cause disease in humans as they grow larger inside your intestines.

These parasites are capable of causing various ailments, ranging from nausea and gut issues to serious complications like cramps and weakness. Although these problems fade away with time, they can last longer if the infection persists. However, one effective way to eliminate these troublesome organisms is by adopting a healthy and nutritious diet and a natural parasite cleanse like Dr. Clark parasite cleanse.

These parasites reside primarily in contaminated environments like infected food, water, and surroundings. Furthermore, they also attack the body if it comes in contact with any of such dirty sources. Some of the well-known sources are raw meat (especially pork) or fish.

So, one thing is clear; these parasites are a nuisance. Still, it is not hard to identify if one is inside your body. Different tests to diagnose them are as follows:

Scotch tape test (sticking a piece of tape on the anal area and examining after a while for parasitic presence)

Endoscopy (microscopic fecal examination)

Stool observation for any worms or parasites.

4 Indications To Adopt A Parasite Cleanse

Once a parasite enters your body, it takes some time to show symptoms of its presence. After a while, their infection spreads across multiple organs, and signs start to appear. 

Here, we have listed four of the common symptoms that help identify the presence of intestinal parasites.

1.   Diarrhea and Constipation

If your bowel movements are irregular and cause loose or watery stools (sometimes multiple times a day) – diarrhea is a possible indication. However, it usually ends quickly, but if it persists for more than a couple of days, it is time to see a doctor. At this time, you may have an intestinal parasite since diarrhea is one of the major symptoms.

Intestinal parasites can trigger higher severity of diarrhea, which includes:

Acute – occurs at once and lasts for a few days.

Chronic – occurs after the initial onset and may last more than three weeks.

Another type is caused by Giardiasis which occurs mostly in children but can also affect adults.

2.   Pain and Fatigue

Since the primary resting place of parasites is in the stomach or intestine, they can cause mild to severe pain or cramps. If it lasts longer than usual, it can deplete energy, causing weakness and high fever.

Usually, the pain starts at a mild level and slowly shifts gears to moderate and then extreme. Moreover, it can cause fatigue, stress, and anxiety. Another thing that triggers abdominal pain and cramps, is pinworms laying eggs. At this point, you can use a quality parasite cleanse kit to get rid of these complications and get relief.

3.   Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea is a tiresome condition of the stomach, and irregular bowel movements may cause vomiting. Still, these indications are insufficient to confirm intestinal parasites’ presence, as they can occur in multiple other cases. However, Giardiasis is the parasitic reason for this problem.

In case of severe nausea and vomiting, the body starts facing adverse effects. These include – weakness, weight loss, dizziness, and tiredness. If these problems last for long, they can cause loss of appetite and dehydration. So, it is important to clear the intestine before it causes more severe complications.

4.   Dysentery

Dysentery is the infection causing blood and mucus in the stool. It is mostly caused by Giardiasis and may cause severe cramps and fever.

You must know that dysentery can last for more than a week. Still, it doesn’t require proper treatment, and plenty of fluids intake can cure it. Moreover, you can take painkillers to ease pain and use a parasite cleansing routine to clear the body.

Treatment For Intestinal Parasites

Although intestinal parasites are a nuisance, it is not hard to flush them out. All you need is to adopt a healthy and nutritious diet and a quality parasite cleanse kit.

Furthermore, you can consume home remedies for the initial treatment, including wormwood, garlic, ginger, and turmeric. However, you must know that even though a natural diet doesn’t cause any side effects, excess of anything is harmful. So it is better to consult your physician rather than self-remedy.

Another thing that helps in this regard is immunity-boosting supplements and nutritional foods that enhance the body’s natural defense mechanism.

Finally, you must follow strict sanitation practices and tell the kids to do so as well.

Some Final Thoughts

In general terms, you don’t have to be afraid of these pesky parasites. Although they can cause various complications, all of them are counter-able and treatable. If you notice any unusual symptoms (lasting for long), you should consult your physician immediately, get tested, and start treatment in case of parasitic infection.

One good thing is that you can choose a quality parasite cleansing like Dr. Clark parasite cleanse to treat the symptoms and the problem. On top, you must follow a good diet and exercise routine to further increase your overall body health and vitality.


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