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What Purpose Does Support Material Serve In 3D Printing?

In engineering, a common question that arises is as to what purpose does support material serve. This is especially relevant in additive fabrication and the use of solid materials in the printing process. It is necessary for every material used in the printing process to have some practical purpose attached to it. In 3D Prints, this purpose is more than just being used as an adornment for objects or as a reinforcement for supporting parts in the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Process

Support material is generally used in the additive fabrication process. The objects that are being printed can be sturdy and durable enough to withstand the stresses that they will go through during the manufacturing process. Without this additive, things would be prone to breaking or bending easily, especially if they were subjected to heavy load or pressure. Since the objects printed using this method do not have any substantial amount of support already applied to them, they become more durable from the use of this material.

Printing Process

Why is this needed? There are several different reasons behind this. The first reason is that adding this material to objects in the printing process would make them more resistant to breakage. This material becomes stiffer due to the application of pressure on it. In other words, there are no longer any springy components in the object as a result of its stiffness. This then eliminates the need for expensive replacement.

Fluorescent Light

Another advantage of using this material is that it makes the objects much more luminescent. Solid colors are a thing of the past in 3D Print Gosford, as fluorescent material serves that purpose instead. The printing process makes objects appear much brighter due to the introduction of fluorescent light. The intensity of the colors is also more significant in the things made of this material.

Particular Frequency

What purpose does support material serve in 3D printing? It is used mainly for support. Support is provided to the print head when the object is heated up using a particular frequency. When the temperature of the heated object and the support material came into contact, they form a thermosetting. This includes a sort of glue that holds the thing to the support material.

Types Of Technology

What purposes does this material serve in the other types of technology that have been used for manufacturing? The use of this material in electronics is relatively well-known. This is how the electronic parts of electronic devices such as cameras are printed onto chips. The color in these parts of the device is controlled so that it produces a color that is consistent through the chip.

Unique System

In architecture, the support material used is often made from a material that is pressure treated. The structure is then given a particular shape by using a unique system of bonding—the most common applications of this area in the wood. If you are looking to have your home reproduced in a particular manner, then pressure-treated lumber is likely a suitable choice for the support material.


In medical implants, the support material is needed to keep the implanted object in place. This material is often referred to as a “supporting rod.” When this type of support material is used, the fabric acts as a brace to keep the implant in place. This is what purpose does support material serve in 3D printing; it provides a material that holds objects in place to be manufactured into something else.

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