What makes botox a unique skin rejuvenation formula?

Botox injections are one of the widely used medications that use various forms of botulinum toxin to paralyze muscle activity temporarily. This toxin is extracted from the microbe that causes a type of food poisoning- botulism.

These injections are not interchangeable, as each product differs from the other. Earlier, the makers only used botulinum toxin, but the newer products include Myobloc, Xeomin, and Dysport.

What can botox injections do for you?

Botulinum toxin injections can block the chemical signals from the body’s nerves. Mostly, these signals are those that cause the contraction of muscles. These injections are mainly used to relax facial muscles that cause wrinkles temporarily. It is an ideal skin rejuvenation solution. The treatment is capable of reducing frown lines, forehead furrows, and the fine lines that fan out from the eyes’ corners. These injections also treat various conditions that adversely affect body functions.

Freezes Muscles

The Botulinum toxin contained in Botox injections is derived from Clostridium Botulinum- a bacteria that can adversely affect the body if consumed. However, it’s safe when used as a laboratory-created cosmetic. Initially, it was developed for treating eye spasms. Later, on discovering its muscle freezing capability, use of Botulinum toxin injections was extended. And today, they are used for minimizing the look of superficial wrinkles and crow’s feet (fine lines appearing on the corners of eyes).

What are the common areas for botox treatment?

Botox treatment is commonly given in the following body areas of the individual –

  • Crows Feet
  • Forehead
  • Frown Lines
  • Chin dimples
  • Bunny lines
  • Platysmal bands (neck lines)
  • For elevating the corners of the mouth
  • Sweating to feet, arm pits, and hands
  • Sweating to scalp and forehead

How much does Botox cost?

The cost price depends on various factors, which includes the location, physician,units purchased, on-going promotions, etc. Many doctors charge according to cost per unit while others charge according to area of the injection.

Whether Botulinum toxin injections are charged by the area or by the unit, it doesn’t matters if the treatment delivers effective results.In order to know about the exact price of the treatment you need to have information about the number of units of Botulinum toxin injections used per treatment and the cost of a unit. An honest doctor will readily provide you this information.

Yes, it’s worth It!

Though using botulism for treating various body problems doesn’t involve any risk, it must be kept in mind that it’s a drug and not a cosmetic. Additionally, the possibilities of puffiness, droopiness, and an allergic reaction in Botoxtreatment remain.

For this reason, you must look forward to hiring a trained expert or physician to perform the treatment in a medical office. The professional should have thorough knowledge about the medications the person is taking. Pregnant women aren’t advised to use Botulinum toxin injections because they may bring complications in pregnancy or affect the placenta.

Make sure you hire the best professional; rest, you need not worry about anything. Visit a website of a professional service provider now to get the best skin rejuvenation treatment for you.

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