What Makes AU Vodka So Special?

If you’re looking for a unique vodka that conveys sophistication with a hint of glamour, look no further than Au vodka. Made with wheat neutral spirit, this wheat-based spirit is perfect for sipping on the rocks or blending into a variety of vodka cocktails. Moreover, its fruit fusion makes it the perfect choice for a variety of sophisticated cocktails. Here are some of its key advantages:

Au Vodka is made from a wheat neutral spirit

The alcohol used to produce vodka is a neutral spirit made from grain. The process of distillation removes most of the congeners and leaves behind only a small fraction of the alcohol. Typically, vodka undergoes many distillations and filtration processes before it reaches its ABV, but this process does not remove all congeners. Some eastern styles of vodka undergo fewer distillations but still retain the characteristics of neutral spirits. Usually, traditional vodka is a better example of this, as the mash bill influences the taste of the alcohol.

The process of making this grain-based spirit begins with the fermentation of an agricultural waste called fermentable wash. The wheat used to produce this neutral spirit is twice-distilled in this process. Other distilleries purchase neutral spirit from high-proof distilleries. To make Au Vodka, a wheat-based neutral spirit is used. This process reduces the alcohol content to 55% ABV. After filtering, the vodka is made to a more manageable 55% ABV.

It can be enjoyed on the rocks or blended in a host of vodka cocktails

The distinctive gold bottle of Au Vodka has caught the attention of high-end UK hip-hop fans, but what is it about the drink that has attracted the attention of hip-hop fans? Au Vodka is a five-times-distilled British vodka that has undergone a unique filtering process. It passes through a gold filter chamber and charcoal to remove any impurities. Its smooth taste and distinctive flavouring makes Au Vodka perfect for a number of vodka cocktails.

While vodka is usually served on the rocks, some people prefer it blended in a cocktail. The classic Cosmopolitan can be made with any vodka cocktail recipe, but flavoured vodkas work just as well. These vodkas are often blended with other classic mixers. You can enjoy Au Vodka on the rocks or blend it in a variety of classic drinks. When mixing vodka with fruit juice or ice, it’s best to serve it cold.

It has a unique fruit fusion

AU Vodka is one of the alcohol brands backed by UK rappers. Other alcohol brands with backing from UK rappers include Verset vodka and Wretch 32’s Au Vodka. Although Au Vodka has fruity flavours, it’s not necessarily as tasty as the rapper’s own drinks. In this article, we will look at the different ingredients that go into making AU Vodka.

AU Vodka is a unique spirit with a modern, sophisticated bottle that is sure to catch your eye. The signature gold bottle demonstrates its classy status. It’s a great choice for individuals looking for a premium, smooth spirit with a unique fruit fusion. Au Vodka is excellent on its own but is also the perfect mixer for a martini or on the rocks.

It is made in the UK

AU Vodka is a premium brand of British vodka made in the United Kingdom from grain grown in the English countryside. The product is five times distilled and then purified through gold, for its smooth taste. Despite its name, Au Vodka is not a gold drink – instead, it is a wheat neutral spirit with a faint cereal flavour. Its golden bottle makes it look posh, but it is still very affordable.

The recipe of Au Vodka starts with the finest grain grown in the English countryside. It is then blended with pristine spring water, and filtered through gold. The filtered vodka is then ready to drink! And if you’re not sure whether or not a bottle is genuine, there are bar-code reader apps available to help you check. However, if you’re still not sure, try using a gold-plate to check the authenticity of the bottle.


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