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What is the typical cost of cleaning upholstery?

Expect to pay between €41 for a smaller sofa and €155 for larger upholstery furniture if you need to have your upholstery professionally cleaned. The cost of cleaning your sofa will increase with its size. Homeowners often shell out between €125 and €151 for expert upholstery cleaning. The size of the furniture, the type of material used, and its composition also affect pricing.

The cost of cleaning a couch is determined by a number of variables.

The majority of upholstery cleaning companies bill on a piece-by-piece basis. As a result, the total cost mostly depends on how many items you want to have cleaned. Large surface areas take longer to clean, and some materials can need particular handling or care. Additionally, there can be extra fees for accessories. Overall, we may draw the conclusion that the cost of the equipment, the cost of materials, and the cost of transportation all have a role in determining how much it will cost to clean a sofa.

Various Upholstery Cleaning Methods

Over time, upholstered furniture accumulates a lot of dirt, dust, and food particles. Are you trying to find specialised cleaners for upholstered furniture in Dublin who can remove a tough stain or bring back the vivid colours? Have faith in Eco Clean Solutions! We are aware of the right solutions to use on your upholstery’s fibres, including microfibers, cotton, canvas, silk, and linen. We use water-based cleaning solutions to clean polyester, nylon, Herculean, acetate, and olefin. For organic textiles including cotton, rayon, linen, wool, silk, denim, velour, and damask, we employ solvent-based cleaning solutions. We gently vacuumed and brushed the cloth to prepare it for the subsequent cleaning procedure before beginning to clean it.

What does professional sofa cleaning in Dublin and Ireland typically cost?

We deal with the market’s most affordable estimates! We provide all of our customers with polite and welcoming customer assistance in addition to our affordable price! We provide steam and dry upholstery cleaning for dining chairs, armchairs, two- and three-seat sofas, and additional couch seats. All cleaning services are subject to a minimum fee. However, compared to our steam cleaning service, we charge a little bit more for our dry upholstery cleaning. The following describes our price range.

Costs of Dry Cleaning & Steam Cleaning of Upholstery in Dublin

  • A two-seat couch costs between €31 and €68.
  • Three-seat sofa, from €37 to €32
  • Additional couch seats range from €12 to €28.
  • The cost of dining chairs ranges from €7 to €11.

In addition, we provide specials, deals, and coupons that you may spend on your upcoming cleaning assignment.

Is hiring a professional to clean your upholstery worth it?

Your upholstered furniture and textiles wind up receiving up to 81% of the filth that is transported into your house. Professional upholstery cleaners can revitalise your home by removing an average of 99.1% of typical household allergens from upholstery. They eliminate those unclean components, preserving the freshness of your furniture and air for longer. We may draw the conclusion that investing in expert upholstery cleaning is a wise decision.

Frequently asked inquiries about cleaning sofas

What is cleaning of upholstery?

The darkest stains can be removed by specialised upholstery cleaning services, but dust and dirt still stay in the upholstery. A professional upholstery cleaning can quickly transform your home’s appearance while being delicate enough not to harm your furniture or make your family feel unsafe.

How can I clean my own upholstery?

It is not surprising that your furniture would grow soiled and dingy due to the increased traffic! Are you looking for advice on how to clean upholstery yourself? Cleaning the upholstery on your sofa and chairs shouldn’t be difficult if you follow some helpful ideas and put in a little more effort. Know the type of material you are working with and any cleaning recommendations the manufacturer may have offered. Please let our skilled personnel handle the delicate cleaning of textiles like wool, linen, rayon, and Haitian cotton.

Can a steam cleaner be used to clean upholstery?

Stains and filth that may make worn-out furniture look drab and unattractive can be removed with steaming. You must first vacuum it before applying an industrial furniture cleaner. With the use of a washcloth, clean the fabric, being sure to give it enough time to dry. Your upholstery may now be steam cleaned. You must first attach the upholstery attachment to the steam cleaner and set the steam cleaner’s power to the appropriate level before you can start the steam cleaning procedure. However, for a durable outcome, you can rely on our cutting-edge steam cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning materials.

What is the ideal method for cleaning a fabric couch?

Do you need to be aware of any great upholstery cleaning techniques? One of several all-natural cleaning techniques that eliminates dirt and eliminates smells is using bicarbonate of soda. By using such an element, you may more easily remove dirt and debris from your upholstery. This is a really quick and simple method for cleaning carpets and couches! We frequently suggest using vinegar to clean the fabric of the sofa. White vinegar works well in removing stains from most types of upholstery naturally. Apply a mixture of water and vinegar on the stain to blot it, then use a microfiber cloth to remove the stain carefully.

How can oil be removed from upholstery?

Oil stains are an issue that occurs sometimes in many households. Furniture upholstery is particularly prone to oil stains from greasy meals, lotion, or even hair oils. Applying corn starch, baking soda, or liquid dish detergent directly to the stain will help you get rid of these stains fast and efficiently. The majority of the oil will be removed from the upholstery by these absorbing agents without causing any harm.

Want to clean your upholstery?

No matter how careful you are to take off your shoes and avoid accidents, the majority of furniture and carpets will eventually start to appear worn out. Human traffic alone is enough to introduce dirt and debris, dulling the upholstery and giving them a musty appearance and smell. You must routinely welcome guests and family members at your house and have children, pets, and both. You must maintain the best possible condition for your upholstery. Allow Eco Clean Solutions to offer you a revitalising upholstery cleaning service that not only increases the lifespan of your luxurious upholstery but also maintains it secure and safe for children and pets.

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