What is the function of turbine flow meter?

Measuring flow of a substance is a big part of any industry like agricultural Irrigation, Industrial Water & Wastewater, Factory Process Control, Oil & Gas, and Electric Power Generation. Automatic accurate measurement makes their task a lot easier and stress free. Finding good quality and technologically updated instruments is a very important task one has to do. Researching and looking into the track record and customer reviews to select the a preferred company that suits your requirement is important.

Turbine consists of a shaft, which is fixed in the pipeline and an impeller. Such impeller is multi-bladed wheel. That wheel is attached to a shaft that rotates on bearings. Each of blades has magnetic pole on its edge. All these parts form a rotor (moving part) of the turbine .Turbine Flow Meter is a volumetric measuring turbine type. The flowing fluid engages the rotor causing it to rotate at an angular velocity proportional to the fluid flow rate. The angular velocity of the rotor results in the generation of an electrical signal (AC sine wave type) in the pickup.

There are two types of flow meter such as Electronic Turbine Flow meter for Liquid and Electronic Turbine Flow meter for Gas. The sensor system that is installed inside consists of induction coil and a signal transmitter which helps generating the electrical impulses in direct proportion to the rotor speed and transfers them to a recording device by induction coil. There are also flow meter available that are equipped by two such coils to take measurement of the forward and reverse flow directions. It can be used for multiple purposes like to measure Water, Air, Natural gases, Fuel, Steam, Vapor, Oil, Chemical substances, Cryogenic liquids and Hydrocarbons

Variety of turbine flow meter offered by silver automation instruments

Silver automation instruments manufactures and supplies many measuring instruments such as Thermocouple ChinaPaperless Recorder China, panel measurement instruments, etc. all of which is found on https://www.silverinstruments.com/. They also have wide range of turbine flow meter for gas as well as liquid. These meters are compatible with almost kinds gases such as gas, biogas, natural gas, N2, O2, helium (He) gas, Ethylene (C2H4) gas, carbon dioxide (CO2),methane gas, butane,  propane, CNG, compressed natural gas, air, volumetric flow measurement. Electronic gas turbine flow meter not only provides digital outputs but also digital display making it simple to read.

Some of the products in this category include 4″turbine flow meter, Digital nitrogen gas flow meter, Turbine flow meter for natural gas, 1/4″ turbine flow meter, Turbine flow meter stainless steel, High pressure turbine flow meter, Turbine water flow meter, Liquid turbine flow meter with 4-20mA output, Liquid turbine flow meter with Hart Protocol, and Liquid turbine flow meter with MODBUS others.

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