What Is The Cheapest Way To Subscribe To HBO?

The spirit of every home, party, and group meetup is entertainment in any form. From movies, docuseries, films, music, and games to fantasy-based or fictional getaways or being entrapped in the reality of the world through reality TV shows. Whichever it is, the point is to live in the moment and enjoy it with your dear friends and relations.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to which shows to watch but where to watch something isn’t as easy as it seems, in America anyway as we wouldn’t know much about global options.

The choice is thus complicated. As many providers have, the best type of services and add-on’s, for example, Spectrum Tv has a host of channels to choose your pick from depending on your mood and the gathering arranged. It even has HBO and HBO Max on the Gold and Silver Packages, not heavy on the wallets and with all the add-ons available, making it a great value for money too. Moreover, there are also many other providers but not all might have good value options. For sure, it takes a lot of research to nail down the best options but it varies according to your location and usage too. The question however is to subscribe to HBO most cheaply.

HBO Max has over 60 million subscribers and has been giving tough competition to the widely popular streaming brand, yes you heard that right, it is a brand. Netflix boomed in a short time but HBO is coming with a storm too and is not going slow on its rival. So much so that there is now a divide between the preferences and what the people want. It is also a much cheaper version than Netflix’s basic plan but is not available with certain streaming devices and access to certain people with a TV. This includes people with the application to stream HBO Max on the TV. Having HBO simply would be to have the HBO channel, which is the cheapest option, which you can get easily with many cable providers, but not all providers have HBO as we have told so before. Moreover, to get the best of HBO, the Max version is the best. Therefore, here we list the best value for money offered by HBO Max.


1At $9.99, It is cheaper than other streaming options.
213000 hours of watch time is available
3Top famous HBO shows on-demand and stream
4Many HBO Max Originals are available
5Classic movies from Warner Brothers
6DC comic universe films and series
7One dollar higher from Netflix’s entry-level package
8New Line Cinema and Turner Classic Movies
9Crunchy Roll, Studio Ghibli, etc. under anime
10HD quality and more streams per account at the same time

The mentioned are just some of the benefits even if it is one dollar more than the rival is. While there are more incoming shows with time. This includes all the new shows and series 2021 and beyond. You may also go with the ad-free plans in HBO Max such as the $14.99 version, more than Netflix again but has a lot more in variety not inclusive in it. While, cable providers may charge you this same price some have a whole cable plan under $40 which makes it great, as you get the best of both worlds, and that too ad-free.

However, if you are a bachelor and you go for streaming then you opt for the ad-free plan on an annual basis and save about 16% too. HBO Max is a type of video on demand and has many other competitors other than Netflix such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney Plus. However, it is not light on these competitors either.

Devices That Work With HBO Max

·         Amazon Fire TV

·         Android TV

·         Apple TV

·         Google Chromecast

·         PS4 and PS5

·         Xbox One

·         Xbox Series X & S

·         iPad

·         Android and iPhones.

·         Roku

·         Fire Stick

·         Contour TV

HBO Max Trials and Packages

You can pre-pay and get the HBO Max more cheaply as you get to save 16%, which is a lot as cable providers or internet providers do not offer discounts but rather a cut on annual payments or quarterly payments. So yearly a $99 with ads and $149.99 without the ads is a great value for money. You can also go for the with cable options so you don’t have to spend on the other devices like iPad or Mac or any other device that you have to buy but with an LCD TV, you can easily get it from your cable/internet providers and even acquire the HD quality.

There were also seven (7) days of free trial in the USA but is now only for Latin American/Caribbean territories where it has launched recently. However, the best deal is getting the Max version free if you already had the HBO / HBO Now subscription but are a registered provider with HBO.

To Conclude

While other HBO versions are not cheap than Netflix, the Max version is. HBO offers more content than what Netflix Basic offers and allows three streams while Netflix allows only one simultaneous 2stream. Netflix is thus the lead. The value is great for both though and depending on the need both options will be a good one, whichever you may choose in the end. 

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