What is ISO 45001 Audit Checklist?

Workplace safety and health have become top priorities for businesses. Businesses implement numerous standards and practices to protect the safety and well-being of their personnel, with ISO 45001 accreditation serving as a cornerstone. This international standard defines the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OH&SMS) standards, which enable organisations to detect and manage possible risks proactively. Companies must undergo a thorough ISO 45001 Audit to get ISO 45001 Certification, which is a critical step in analysing the efficacy and compliance of their safety management systems. This article will discuss the importance of ISO 45001 audit checklists, how they help with certification, and why they are critical for maintaining a safe and secure work environment.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding ISO 45001 Certification 
  2. The Role of ISO 45001 Audit 
  3. The Significance of ISO 45001 Audit Checklist 
  4. Key Elements of ISO 45001 Audit Checklist 
  5. The Benefits of Using ISO 45001 Audit Checklist 
  6. Conclusion 

Understanding ISO 45001 Certification 

ISO 45001 is a globally recognised standard produced by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) for occupational health and safety management systems. Its major goal is to create a structured framework for organisations to proactively identify and mitigate workplace safety issues. Companies that comply with ISO 45001 exhibit their commitment to the health and well-being of their employees, clients, and stakeholders.   

Obtaining ISO 45001 accreditation certifies that a company’s safety management system meets the standards of the standard. It entails thoroughly examining an organisation’s procedures, policies and practises to ensure conformity with the ISO 45001 standard. However, obtaining this accreditation is a continual process that requires constant improvement and continuing review to ensure compliance. 

The Role of ISO 45001 Audit 

An ISO 45001 audit is a necessary step in the certification process. It is carried out by competent auditors who analyse the efficacy and execution of an organisation’s OH&SMS against the ISO 45001 standard standards. The audit identifies opportunities for improvement, potential dangers, and places where the organisation’s safety procedures may fall short. 

Auditors collect evidence through interviews, document reviews, and on-site inspections to properly examine the company’s safety management system during the audit. The audit process is impartial, intending to provide an unbiased evaluation of the organisation’s safety practices. 

The Significance of ISO 45001 Audit Checklist 

An ISO 45001 audit checklist is a methodical instrument that auditors use to thoroughly assess an organisation’s OH&SMS. The checklist assists auditors in covering all components of the ISO 45001 standard during the audit, leaving no space for error. Furthermore, it provides consistency and uniformity in the audit process, easily comparing results among organisations seeking certification.   

Key Elements of ISO 45001 Audit Checklist 

The following are some of the key elements of the ISO 45001 Audit Checklist: 

  1. Management Commitment: The checklist determines whether top management is committed to the formation and ongoing improvement of the OH&SMS. 
  2. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment: This section discusses the organisation’s method for identifying workplace hazards and evaluating employee safety and health risks. 
  3. Legal Compliance: Auditors check to see if the organisation complies with all applicable health and safety laws, rules, and other requirements. 
  4. Objectives and Performance Indicators: The checklist assesses the effectiveness and measurement of the organisation’s safety objectives. 
  5. Competence and Training: Auditors assess employees’ capacity to do their jobs safely and the availability of relevant training programmes. 
  6. Operational Controls: This section focuses on the procedures and practises to control operations that may affect health and safety. 
  7. Emergency Preparedness and Response: The checklist evaluates the organisation’s readiness to deal with emergencies successfully. 
  8. Communication and Consultation: This section assesses the communication channels and techniques for engaging employees in health and safety issues.   
  9. Incident Investigation and Non-Conformance: Auditors examine the procedures for incident investigation, root cause analysis, and nonconformance resolution. 
  10. Continual Improvement: The checklist examines the organisation’s strategy for continuous OH&SMS improvement. 

The Benefits of Using ISO 45001 Audit Checklist  

The use of an ISO 45001 audit checklist has various advantages for both organisations and auditors:  

  1. The checklist guarantees that auditors perform a complete review of all ISO 45001 standard elements, offering a full evaluation of the organisation’s safety management system. 
  2. The checklist encourages a standardised audit approach, which enables auditors to retain consistency and uniformity in their findings. 
  3. Organisations can use the checklist to detect gaps or inadequacies in their safety management system, allowing them to address and correct the concerns before obtaining certification. 
  4. The checklist simplifies the audit process, saving both auditors and the audited organisation time and resources. 


Obtaining an ISO 45001 accreditation indicates that an organisation is dedicated to ensuring the safety and welfare of its staff. Organisations must undertake a rigorous ISO 45001 audit to get this certification, and an ISO 45001 audit checklist is an essential instrument in this process. The checklist guarantees that the organisation’s OH&SMS is thoroughly evaluated against the ISO 45001 standard, identifies areas for improvement, and promotes continual improvement of workplace safety practices. Organisations that get ISO 45001 certification boost their reputation and create a safer work environment, supporting employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall business success.

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