What is High Quality SEO

Google has thrown out dozens of modifications over the years, from Penguin to Panda, and most recently its core ranking algorithm overhaul. Each time, how the search engine giant rated webpages altered significantly.

However, since 2011, one thing has stayed the same: Google has put a large focus on quality content. We all know that quality content is a key ranking element, but what precisely does the word ‘quality content’ mean in an SEO sense?

It’s critically important to understand what Google deems as quality content and how you can adapt to ensure you’re providing this type of material. Fortunately, at the end of 2015, Google revealed its full Search Quality Rating Guidelines – something it has never done before – providing a deep look into how it ranks the quality of a page.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the seven elements that characterise good quality SEO UK content, giving you the information you need to develop high quality content, Google-style.

  1. User Intent

Google’s ranking system has undergone a major shift in the focus on user intent. The most important factor is whether or whether the user’s goal is being met, not how many words are on the page. This has had a huge impact on what type of content is considered high quality.

  1. Well Crafted main content 

The major content of a webpage is the section that accomplishes the page’s goal. The main content can be text, but it can also be videos, images, games or user generated content. Google considers high quality content that takes time, effort and expertise to craft to be high quality.

  1. Useful Supplyment Content 

Google encourages its raters to look for useful supplementary content when determining a page’s quality. The purpose of this type of material is to supplement your core offering, aid in the user’s navigation, and entice them to spend more time on your site. Linking to your own articles is a quick and straightforward technique to boost the quality of your website’s additional material. A link building netherlands company can help you to achieve this goal.

  1. Page layout 

There are still many poor page designs out there, and it’s important to keep up-to-date with Google’s guidelines for high-quality web design. Viewers should not have to scroll down in order to see the main content.

  1. Ad Placement 

Using ads on your website can affect your quality rating with Google. According to Google’s guidelines, ads should be placed in a way that doesn’t distract from the main content of the page.Pages with advertising and content mingling are not given a high ranking by Google.

  1. Length Of Content 

The length of your main content will determine whether or not a page is considered high quality. 

  1. E-A-T

Google describes high quality content as expert, authoritative, and trustworthy (E-A-T). Google’s search engine optimization guidelines state that high-quality pages and websites must be authoritative and trustworthy.


When it comes to SEO service, quality content can be a difficult concept to grasp. However, owing to Google’s standards, we now have a better understanding of what this search engine considers to be excellent material.

Finally, let’s take a look at those seven critical elements that distinguish high-quality SEO content:

  1. User intent
  2. Well crafted main content
  3. Useful supplementary content
  4. Page layout
  5. Ad placement
  6. Length of content
  7. E-A-T

A link building company can definitely help you with all of this.

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