What is Considered the Most Effective Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcohol is a major cause of addiction to those who fall prey to it. It can severely impair the normal functionality of the body, render the organs weak and cause them to malfunction and cause major impairment of decision which leads to accidents and injuries. Alcohol can be very addictive especially in middle-aged and older adults. 

Unfortunately, many young adults are also falling prey to this highly addictive substance abuse problem because of its easy availability. Alcohol addiction can only be treated with a proper alcohol addiction treatment course at an authorized rehab center or a de-addiction center. 

These places have specialists who are capable of handling the detox process which is especially important in such cases and kick off the de-addiction course of treatment. 

Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can kick off in small simple ways and can take over the entire person in a matter of time. Alcohol addiction has some sure shot symptoms which can help family and friends in recognizing the early patterns of alcohol addiction and can help the individual in understanding their problem:

  • Heavy consumption of alcohol
  • Frequent heavy consumption of alcohol
  • High Tolerance towards alcohol with little to no hangover
  • Drinking at workplaces and other inappropriate places
  • Drinking at odd timings such as in the morning
  • Poor performance at work and school 
  • Reclusive social behavior
  • Wanting to hang out with people who have similar traits
  • Avoiding close family and friends 
  • Expressing rage and frustration without proper reason
  • Mental issues such as anxiety, depression, being able to go long periods of time without alcohol

When a close friend or family member shows any of these symptoms or a combination of these symptoms, it means that they need intervention and must be provided with alcohol addiction treatment as it could get worse with time. Prolonged addiction can cause severe organ failure and can even cause overdose leading to death.

Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can be easily treated with the help of a proper Alcohol Addiction Treatment course which is provided by a Rehabilitation center or a Detoxification or Deaddiction center. 

There are many steps that need to be taken for a foolproof alcohol de-addiction plan as most people who are addicted to a substance tend to relapse into the same habits when they do not go through with the entire treatment. 

Therefore, rehab centers are the most effective method to stay on the course of the alcohol addiction treatment and to ensure that the patient sticks to the treatment course both when inside the rehab center and long after he/she has checked out as well.

The treatment course for alcohol addiction is mentioned below:

  1. Identification and Analysing the Addiction

The first step in any rehab program is the identification and classification of the symptoms and indications experienced by the user. The patient must first realize for themselves that they are in fact a victim of addiction. Based on the preliminary symptoms, the psychologist and their team can formulate the appropriate treatment and detox course required

  1. Detoxification from Body

The next step is to remove all the toxins from the body. This step is done with many different methods both natural and medical with the help of medicines. Once the body is rid of all the toxins, the patient may experience withdrawal symptoms, which is the most crucial period

  1. Treatment and Counselling

The treatment course is then followed and appropriate rehabilitation is given both on-campus and off-campus to ensure there is no relapse. 

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