What Is Byte? And How Effective Is It?

You are not alone if you answered clear aligners. Clear aligners, which can be used to straighten or adjust your teeth, have gained popularity over the past two decades.

This article will provide a detailed look at Byte’s capabilities, effectiveness, and pros.

What Dental Issues Can Byte Address?

You can use byte for a variety of purposes, including spacing and crowding problems as well as mild to moderate bite issues.

Byte’s website claims to be able to treat these dental issues.

There are several types:

  • Open Bite
  • Gap Teeth
  • A Crowded Smile

Research has shown that Byte is more effective in certain cases than in others.

For example, the 2017 study suggested that clear aligners could be useful to align someone’s arches. However, they might not be as helpful in dealing with severe bite problems.

Wearing Them Is Easy

An orthodontist visits you to create a 3-D impression of your mouth. They will use this image as a basis for a plan that will move your teeth to their correct places.

Your orthodontist then will use this plan to design a series of customized plastic aligners. These aligners will gently apply pressure on your teeth to shift and move them into the correct places.

Depending on what your orthodontist has instructed, you might switch between aligners about every two weeks. The aligners are typically worn 20 to 22 hours per day.

Is This Aligner Effective?

While your friends may have had positive experiences with Byte in the past, it is important to consider more than just anecdotal evidence. Its effectiveness is not proven by any research at the moment.

A 2015 overview of 11 studies about the use of Byte Aligners shows that little is known about their effectiveness.

Most of the studies that have been completed up to now are small in size, and most studies don’t have a control group for comparison.

A 2016 study in the Journal of Orthodontics warns of a lack of clinical evidence to back up claims of efficacy.

However, Byte appears to be much more effective than any other type of clear aligner based on some existing research. Byte seems to be more effective than the older versions that the manufacturer started producing in 2010.

What Are The Pros?

Let’s take a look through the pros & cons of Byte to help determine if this is the right choice.

The aesthetics: This has been a common reason why Byte is so popular. Clear aligners can be seen less than braces wires, brackets, and wires.

These can be removed.

Ease with cleaning your teeth: Taking out the aligner makes it easy to brush and floss without having to go around wires or brackets. A 2017 Study shows that this can improve your periodontal wellness by reducing bacteria in your gums.

Less likely to cause problems: Clear aligners don’t pose any problems.

What Can I Do To Ensure They Are Taken Care Of Properly?

If you have a teenage boy or girl who prefers Byte to regular braces then assess whether they’ll wear them.

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