Bharat QR Code

What Is Bharat QR Code, And How Does It Work?

Bharat QR Code is the payments transfer mechanism where merchants and customers can use the code to make cashless payments. It will also make money transactions simpler and easier. Bharat QR Code is developed by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India). The banks, which are providing UPI services to their customers, have launched the Bharat QR Code application based on UPI to provide the benefits of using this Pay QR code to all their customers who have UPI-based bank accounts. This Bharat QR Code app works on smartphones as well as on feature phones and it is compatible with all the banks that are providing UPI services through the Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

Bharat QR, Bharat Pay EMV contactless payment solution works with your mobile phone or tablet to enable you to pay for your purchases quickly, reliably, and safely at over 3 lakh point of sale terminals across India.

The Bharat QR Code is a payment mechanism that will easily allow customers to transact without the need for a physical card, and the merchants can use their mobile phones or computers to accept payment. These codes can also be printed out, as stickers or on any other surface, and will act as a receipt for the customer.

Bharat QR code is a merchant-end solution to integrate the Bharat QR code payment system. Bharat QR Code will make use of QR codes for payments across merchant outlets. This compliments the customer-end mobile app and web page, where customers can pay for products using their smartphones.

The Bharat QR code is the world’s first interoperable payment acceptance solution. Payment networks such as MasterCard, American Express, and Visa have collaborated with the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) to launch and promote the Bharat QR payment method.

A Bharat QR is a more streamlined system that will reduce technological problems.  It is the easiest method of payment for users. It is the fastest way to complete payment.  Payments made through the Bharat QR code will directly get transferred to the bank accounts, unlike another digital wallet where payments are received from emails. It is interoperable with all the banks and it is not a closed-loop system.

You can use any UPI-enabled app to pay for your purchases. You can generate it from App, just by clicking on Bharat QR Code and then generating the QR code. You have to simply stick the code on payment counters in your shop. Now, customers who have a bank account linked with a UPI-enabled bank can have the unique code and pay you using the mobile application.

Our Bharat pay QR code wallet apps are completely free, secure, and convenient to use. They do not require a bank account or credit card details and can be used in shops for instant payment with your smartphone. These apps work on all smartphones with cameras. Customers can pay using QR images anywhere or transfer money to other people using a simple code.

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