What is Ayurvedic Detox and Cleanse Diet?

Are you doing Ayurvedic detox and aren’t sure what you should eat? It’s a great opportunity to reset your priorities and stick to the basics! When you’re on a cleanse, it’s crucial to focus closely on your diet to keep your digestive system from overloading and aid the body’s purificatory channels by eliminating toxins.

While it is tempting to avoid fast meals or choose liquid diets (like juices made from fresh fruit) during a cleanse, Ayurveda is not a fan of this method, as it could cause the Agni(digestive burning) to be unbalanced.

Here are some essential Ayurvedic detox diet tips from an Ayurvedic doctor at Sunshine Ayurveda Wellness Centre. Get these delicious and beneficial meals while you detox!

Consume AMA-REDUCING Foods

According to Ayurveda, Ama is the result of incomplete digestion. It’s a toxic, sticky substance that blocks the channels within your body, transports nutrients to cells, and helps eliminate waste.

The purpose of cleansing is to clear ama from the body. It’s best to eat food items that are lightweight and warm. They should also be cooked and digestible. It is recommended to adhere to an all vegetarian diet that includes freshly baked bread and flatbreads as well as light soups and Dhals, organic vegetables cooked with spices, and freshly made grains like Quinoa. Mung Dhal is a great remedy for all three doshas. It’s very nutritious and easy to digest.

Certain vegetables, fruits, and spices can be extremely beneficial in a cleanse, and therefore it’s a good idea to try eating at least a portion of these daily:

  • Cooked fruits Consume cooked prunes and figs for breakfast, along with stewed pear or apple. The majority of fruit that is sweet and juicy are great cleansers.
  • Vegetables Take a lot of fresh leafy vegetables that have been cooked. Chop your greens, then cook them using the Detox Spice Mix for additional benefits. Brussels sprouts, as well as cabbage, can be beneficial.
  • Grains are light, healthy whole grains like quinoa amaranth and barley, and small portions of rice are suggested. Kanji is an excellent hot drink that is beneficial to flush out toxins from your body through urine. It’s made by boiling rice in large quantities with plenty of water.
  • Spices such as turmeric, ginger coriander, fennel, and fenugreek can help open your body’s channels and aid in flushing out toxic substances through your urinary tract, skin, colon, liver, and. Spice up soups and dhals while they cook, or saute the spices in a small amount of oil and add them to your food items after cooking.
  • Lassi The drink is created by mixing fresh yogurt, water, and digestive-enhancing spices; it makes the perfect drink for lunchtime.


From an Ayurvedic standpoint, leftovers and “dead” foods like processed packaged, canned, and frozen food contributes to ama because they’re extremely difficult for the body to process. If you’re taking part in an Ayurvedic cleanse, make sure to stay away from:

  • Non-organic food items
  • Genetically modified foods
  • Foods that are grown using pesticides, chemicals, or chemical fertilizers

Chemical additives in food also add toxins to your body and can confuse with nature-based “intelligence” that your digestion system has. Therefore, they should be abstained from.

It’s also beneficial to stay clear of dairy products like:

  • Aged hard cheese, yogurt, or aged hard cheese
  • Deep-fried foods or oily
  • Raw food of all kinds
  • The heavy desserts
  • Foods that are laced with refined sugar and honey.

These food items are more difficult to digest and may cause ama while cleansing. The foods to avoid or reduce include yeasted bread, dried bread (like crackers), and fermented food items.

Select the right food choices based on your body type or IMBALANCES

Ayurveda Sunshine Coast advises that you adapt your diet to your body’s constitution and imbalances throughout the year. This is especially true during cleansing to manage the digesting energy (Agni). For more information about the diets and food items that help to alleviate any of the doshas, go to Vata, Pitta, and the Kapha website.


Warm water aids in flushing away toxins from your body through urine. Add detoxifying spices to your water to get the healing benefits of the water you drink.


Are you not sure when to start your cleanse? According to Ayurveda, the time between spring and winter is the perfect time to begin an at-home cleanse since it helps your body eliminate any toxins accumulated over the cold and long winter months. However, it is possible to do cleansing whenever your digestive system begins to feel unsteady, and you need a little fine-tuning.

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