Teddy’s guinea pig has a fluffy coat that makes it look like the famous teddy bear. Teddies are popular as pets due to their peaceful and friendly nature. They develop to be around 12 inches long and weigh somewhere in the range of 1.5 to 3 pounds. Health and longevity petty guinea pigs are not long-lived the average life expectancy is five to six years the maximum rate is eight years the health of a pet directly depends on the conditions

Information about the characteristics of the breed will help prepare for possible difficulties in care and maintainace   

varieties of teddy guinea pigs.

There are several varieties of teddy guinea pigs .They different from each other in the length and structure of the coat. Each species is good in its on way

  1. American teddy guinea pigs: There are owners of short fur of medium hardness. The ear are almost bald with drooping tips. The coat on the muzzle is much shorter than on the body.
  2. Swiss teddy: This subspecies is distinguished by a longer coat which grow up to 6 cm. The hairs are so tough that they even break under mechanical stress.
  3. Moscow texel or Long-haired teddy: This variety was created by Russian breeders. Its main difference from others is smooth wavy hair about 15cm long. Fur on the head and muzzle is shorter than on other parts of the body. AN interesting feature of a long -haired teddy is the presence of luxurious bangs.

When choosing a pet between different breeds of guinea pigs, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of caring for the animal, its disposition and other factors. Impulsive purchase based on emotions can turn into great disappointment and moral torment because “We are responsible for those we have tamed”.

Benefits of teddy guinea pigs

  • The main advantage of American teddies is their good-natured  nature.
  • The guinea pig does not bite even at the moment of irritation, prefers to attract attention with soft jerks of the muzzle in the hand.

Feature: The American teddy guinea pig is an animal of impressive size. The weight of a mature individual varies from 900g to 1.4Kg. The body is slightly elongated, stocky, with a well-developed muscular corset. Teddy pigs have a large head, a wide flattened muzzle and large cheeks. The ears are medium-sized, rounded.

Guinea pigs coat types and colors

Teddy pigs belong to the wire-haired varieties. The shorter elastic fur does not adhere to the body, but grows almost perpendicular to the skin. The length of the coat is roughly something similar on various pieces of the body. It should not exceed 2cm

Different colors are allowed in the breed: White, Red, Brown, Chocolate, Cream and gold.

Are Teddy Guinea Pigs friendly?

  • Teddies are very amicable or teddy guinea pigs are friendly and love to invest energy in human organization, just as with their enclosure mates. 
  • They appreciate being tenderly taken care of and are for the most part calm, laid back types. This makes them extremely well known as youngsters’ pets. 
  • Teddies are really shrewd and can learn straightforward orders and deceives with some persistent preparation. 
  • Very much like all types of guinea pigs, these enchanting little cushion balls do require the organization of different Teddies, so consistently keep them in same-sex sets or little gatherings. 
  • Teddies will likewise blend joyfully with different types of guinea pigs. 
  • Notwithstanding their chill characters, Teddies like a huge enclosure or run with a lot of room to play and exercise.

what do Teddy guinea pigs eat

Guinea pigs are herbivores. A herbivore is an animal adapted anatomically and physiologically to eat plants and that makes up the  main component of their diet other words they eat a lot of plant high fiber grass plants and fruits and vegetables from plants.

Here we are discussing on most important food for guinea pigs:

Hey Food: hey it is the most important food your guinea pigs eats. It should makeup 80% of your diet and fresh unlimited hay should always be available in a cage. Hey is really important for their health.

Romaine Lettuce OR Spinach: Spinach and Lettuce are high in oxalate. oxalate can cause bladder stone.

Kale: Kale is high in calcium parsley high in calcium and oxalate do not give to lactating female because it cuts the milk flow.

Cauliflower: These are cruciferous and can there cause gas and bloating

Celery: Celery are high oxalate and low vitamin C.

what can teddy guinea pigs not eat

There are many plants and food that are either unsuitable or poisonous for your teddy guinea pigs. I am gonna tell you about some of the foods. You shouldn’t eat your guinea pigs:

  • Guinea pigs are herbivores meaning they eat plants-based diet in the wild and guinea pigs will forage for their food munching on grass herbs and weeds. As well as fruits and vegetables. However not all  plants and food are good your guinea pigs.
  • Daisies and buttercups are poisonous to guinea pigs
  • Grass has been known to be unsafe for guinea pigs. There are several reasons for this.
  • If you have a patrol or diesel lawn mower the grass will be polluted by the fumes. Which could make your guinea very ill.
  • rhubarb leaves and stalks whether cultivated in your garden or found in the wild are poisonous for guinea pigs.
  • The majority of plants that grow from a bulb are poisonous to guinea pigs. This include onion, Garlic, Spring Onion, Chives, Leeks,  Shailots, and Daffodils.

Price of teddy guinea pigs.

The price of teddy guinea pigs depends on the characteristics such as the quality and color of the coat, gender, breed, class of animal. The most exhibitions will cost 60 us dollars which means the price of USA teddy guinea pigs is 60$.  Animals exclusively for “home use” are cheaper-15 U.S dollars. There is also a class of breeding gilts. Their prices range from 20 U.S dollar to 600 US dollars. 


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