What is a Smartwatch

As technology progresses, there is more and more demand for better gadgets in our lives whether that be through our mobile phones, televisions or simply watches on our wrists. Smart watches are simply digital watches that can do an awful lot more than the average digital watch. Here at House of Watches we have over 130 years experience within the industry, making us the perfect place to purchase your perfect smart watch.

Smart watches are clever little gadgets that can connect to your mobile phone and all the items within it, some smart watches have their own individual internet connection rather than going through your mobile phones connectivity. There are many elements within new technology that allow us to use our smart watches like our mobile phones, with Bluetooth connection we can receive calls and reply to messages through these tiny little devices on our wrists.

There are a lot of different specifications of smart watches; some are created specifically for sports with some smart watches being created specifically for diving, golfing etc. These kind of smart watches with a more narrow focus on the sport itself tend to be a little more expensive due to the technological needs to make the watch perfect for that sport.

Smartwatch technology has been around for a little longer than we’ve all realised, since the early 2000’s the technology has been slowly creeping into different wristwatches before the creation of the ultimate smart watches that we have today. The main concept of the current smart watch is that they shrink everything that your smart phone does and put it into a form that can be worn on the wrist.

Obviously the battery life of a smart watch is going to be considerably short than that of a normal watch, due to the smart watches having to power apps, GPS and text messages etc. There is obviously the bonus that your smart watch will come with a charger that allows you to charge on the go, however there is also the inconvenience that your smart watch won’t last as long as a regular watch.

As smart watches become increasingly more popular, brands are changing the way they look to drive more customers, appealing both male and female purchasers. With rose gold accents and pink straps for women and gunmetal grey with bracelet straps for the men, giving a similar feel to a luxury watch but with all the technology a smart watch holds.

Purchasing a smart watch doesn’t have to be time consuming, however it is important to know which brand you are after and the different collections they offer. Once you’ve done the research into which brand you would like to purchase from then it’s all systems go. Depending on the kind of specifications you’re after in your smart watch, will depend on how much you will need to spend.

There are so many smart watches on the market and many of them do different things with different specifications, some are more complex than others, allowing for a variation in options for the customers to choose from. To shop our latest range of smart watches, head online to House of watches where you can browse the whole collection. You can also view our other collections of watches from brands like Swatch, Tissot and Casio.

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