What is a Lumbar support pillow?

A lumbar support pillow is an inflatable pillow usually used in cars and trains for people to lean on. The low back pain can be relieved by lumbar support. In addition, it helps you keep the correct posture when driving or sitting.

Qualities of Lumbar support pillow:

1. The product is made of high quality and eco-friendly material, which provides convenience and health for customers.

2. Variety of colors and patterns are available to choose from. You can also mix more than two colors. It’s a perfect gift during holidays such as Christmas, New Year, or Valentine’s Day. Your family or friends will love it.

3. Its weight is only around 300g/pcs, making it easy for you to take wherever you go. Its size is around 24*24*15cm when inflated, so please check the size chart before buying one.

4. The extra pocket on its covering allows you to put something inside, such as snacks or your phone.

5. The product is easy to inflate and deflate. It will take less than 5 minutes until you finish inflating and deflating it.

What benefits does THE LUMBAR SUPPORT PILLOW bring?

Lumbar support alleviates lower back discomfort caused by bad posture while driving or sitting. Good airflow during the summer season makes this product a good solution for cold winters. And an excellent option on warm summer days. The good thing is it’s very lightweight and easy to carry. So, take it anywhere, as it can be your traveling friend too. This is an essential item, especially for those who cannot spend much time in the gym. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start with the Lumbar support pillow. And if you want to buy some high-quality lumbar support pillows, you can buy see review of best lumbar support pillow on the Sleeping mentor. (you can take the backlink here).

How do I inflate the lumbar support pillow?

First, open both valves. Then put air into it by mouth or pump, finally close the valves again and lock the lever. It takes less than 5 minutes until your lumbar pillow is complete. You can adjust its firmness by adding or letting out air. We suggest filing a moderate amount of air at a time so that you can get used to using this pillow easily.

What size of Lumbar support pillows should I choose?

You may find some confusion about choosing any size, especially when buying online or on the sleeping mentor (you can also take a backlink here). So please check the size chart below before you buy. For this 4-way lumbar support pillow, we suggest choosing “M.”

Benefits of using a lumbar support pillow:

1. Build a good habit of driving or sitting in an incorrect posture.

2. Relief from lower back pain caused by poor posture when driving or sitting for long. It also helps to improve blood circulation to speed up metabolism and reduce belly fat. In short, it’s great if you’re looking for a summer body.

3. Suitable for use in a car, office chair, sofa, home bed, and even outdoors such as camping. Don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s go with the LUMBAR SUPPORT PILLOW.


Q: Where can I use it?

A: The lumbar support pillow is excellent for use in the car, office chair, sofa, home bed, and even outdoors, such as camping.

Q: Where can I put my stuff inside if there’s a pocket on its covering?

A: You can also put things like snacks or phones into that. So conveniently.

Q: How much weight does it bear?

A: It could bear around 150kg (about 330 lbs.) of weight.


We hope you enjoyed the information about the lumbar support pillow. Make sure to keep away from fire and sharp objects. You can also put some small stuff inside so that it’s very convenient for you to take along when going out. We wish you an enjoyable experience with your new lumbar support pillow.

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