What is a Bi-fold door, how do they work and are they suitable for my property?

A bi-fold Door has several sections, which are folded on one side of the frame and do not swipe in or out to open and close. This type of door opening option makes a folding door design more attractive for a room setup where there is a large space for windows but less space for door openings, such as balcony or patio doors. 

Choosing a folding door in some settings is a wise idea, but there are some advantages and disadvantages to this decision. Smaller rooms, on the other hand, have the advantage of having larger windows consequently, you should consider the layout of your space before deciding on a double door design.

Bi-fold doors are a trustworthy home enhancement that offer excellent natural light and are more compact than sliding doors. You can install folding doors in both indoor and outdoor spaces and create an open plan that connects multiple indoor spaces. As professionals in installing a variety of windows and doors, we are ideally placed to explain everything about folding doors.

How do bi-fold doors work?

Bi-fold slide and fold in the side of the door frame. Most doors will use an opening mechanism that occupies only a small area and opens up a lot of space. Although the name ‘bi-fold doors‘ suggests that there will be only two sections, it is easy to install as many sections as possible to cover the opening.

It is possible to make double doors with numerous materials and useful additives, including:

• Double glazing.

• Aluminum windows for taste and budget.

• Secure locking mechanism for balconies and lower courtyard doors.

• Partial or complete frosting and blurring for extra privacy.

• Stained glass and glazing customization options.

• RAL and other frames removed.

• Privacy shades, shutters and curtains added.

Folding doors function like sliding doors and are available with mostly identical features and innovations, they open easily differently. Open the door by grabbing a panel at the end of the door and pulling it towards the frame – this is the main door that people might call the “traffic door”.

The use of double doors on the outside means they are usually located at the back of a house with a high level of privacy. Due to the large volume of glass, it is important to have quality glass and effective insulation with hermetic opening and closing seals. It helps in energy efficiency and prevents thickening.

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