What Happens if You Have a Car Accident and Injure Yourself

Hopefully you’ll have been lucky enough to have avoided being in a car accident or seen one for that matter although you might have wondered what happens if you do happen to be involved in one. There is a certain amount of luck involved but, that’s only based upon something like a mechanical failure which actually, doesn’t happen that often. Usually, accidents on the roads are caused by one, or both parties not paying attention to what they are doing. So, what if you are hit, or crash?

Accident or numpty?

The first question to be asking is, were you in an accident and, do you have Car Insurance with rabbit care, if the answers to both of those questions is yes then you should be absolutely fine. If you were in complete control of your vehicle and somebody else hit you or there was a random mechanical failure then yes you could say that you’ve been in an accident. 

If, however you, or the other party hasn’t maintained their vehicle properly, are under the influence or simply aren’t paying attention to what you are doing then it’s certainly no accident. It’s called being numpty, and that’s putting it lightly.


Most people’s thoughts go one of two ways, if they are conscious, or alive just after an accident they are 1. Relief and then worry about their car and the other person which then turns back into relief again when you remember A. That they have insurance and that B. That they went with the smart choice and opted for fully comp. 2. Oh balls, I cancelled the insurance, never took it out in the first place or missed the last payment! 

People who are in category one and went down the fully comp route normally don’t have to do too much other than supply the relevant details to their insurer, get it approved and then get their car fixed or buy a new one. People who are in category 2, well, oh balls is probably being a bit soft, unfortunately for you, checking your insta notification whilst driving will either cost you lots of money, potentially points off of your licence and or some time within a 6×6 foot temporary home, for a while.

But it’s boring 

Correct, unless you love the world of insurance, then your choices are endless, for others the insurance world is a tedious place that they have to go because it is the law to have insurance when being behind the wheel of a motor vehicle on the road. Most people will find it boring but, consider your lovely car sitting outside that you are probably still paying for, crumpled into little pieces, useless and, having to pay back what is owed as well as trying to find a new motor, it won’t be easy that’s for sure.

It’ll never happen to me

We’ve all heard this one before and quite frankly, who cares, car insurance is a legal requirement so no matter how ‘lucky’ you think you are; you still have to sign up to it. The best thing you can do is to find the best deal for your purposes.

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