What Do You Wear To A Desert Safari In Dubai?

What Do You Wear To A Desert Safari In Dubai?

Desert safari Dubai is the most visiting place in Dubai. Travelers love to visit this spot even they consider their Dubai trip incomplete without visiting desert safari. If you have already visited Dubai, you may know about its weather. The weather in Dubai is hot.

And when we talk about the weather of desert safari, it’s too hot in the season of summer. The common question that people ask before visiting the desert is what should they wear in the desert? You will enjoy your trip if your dress is comfortable.

People with uncomfortable dress may not enjoy their time in the desert to the fullest. It may also hinder you from participating in certain activities. You can call it skill to perfectly dress up for a trip to a desert safari. Make sure your dressing is perfect if you want to enjoy your best time in the desert.

You can face both cold and hot temperatures in the desert with a lot of dust. Afternoons of the desert are often hot and blazing sun. Do not think that the weather of the desert remains hot all day. It can be freezing cold at the time of morning and evening.

There are two known desert safaris that people manly visit. One is morning, and another is evening. People enjoy witnessing the sunrise and having a delicious breakfast in the morning. While at evening time, they rush their adrenaline from certain activities.

These activities include camel riding, dune bashing, belly dance, and Tanoura dance. The most lovely thing about the evening desert safari is to enjoy a BBQ dinner under the sky. We suggest the following items of dress for certain activities according to the weather of the desert.

A Pullover Or Hoodie

If you want to enjoy a morning desert safari, wear your tank top. You can also wear a T-shirt underneath. People bring it when they visit the evening desert safari. The reason is temperature drops in the desert at the time of evening.

Long-Sleeved Tops With Comfortable Trousers

We advise you to wear lightweight clothes when you visit the desert. Comfortable trousers with long-sleeved tops are a good option when you plan to visit a morning desert safari. Temperature becomes low at this time. You can carry this dress code at the time of the day.

It is the general code of dress in the region of UAE. Most people feel easy to wear shorts. These clothes are considered as lightweight clothes for summer. People consider them wearing when afternoons are hot. We do not advise you to wear shorts.

The reason is you have to sit in the jeep for a long duration of time, and it will be air-conditioned. You might feel uncomfortable in the shorts. When you get out of the vehicle and participate in the activities like sandboarding, it can make you uncomfortable.

You can get this sand in places that can make you feel uncomfortable. We do not recommend taking a camel ride in this dress. The most recommended dress part is trousers.

Sunglasses And Light Shawl

The sun in the area of UAE is strong almost every season. It is important to wear sunglasses and a hat whenever you go outside home. You should also have a light shawl. Moreover, do not forget to keep them before taking the rides like dune bashing.

Comfortable Sandals And Sneakers

You can wear light boots and sneakers. It does not usually matter because you will be in the jeep for a long time during the activity of dune bashing. Moreover, you have to get out and walk for a short break. Take pictures during these breaks.

We recommend you wear light boots or sneakers if you have to walk on the sand dunes. Try to keep the feet warm when you visit the camp at the time of night. It’s fine to wear sandals too.


We suggest you to must cover yourself using sunscreen. It is the best way to make yourself protected from sunburn. Also, do not forget to use lip balm. It protects the area of your lips. Sometimes the dry air and dust of the desert make your skin crack.

Make sure that you are not using sunscreen that is too tacky or greasy. We advise you to keep all of your valuable accessories at home. You may lose them at any time. It is recommended to wear simple accessories in the desert.

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