What Curtains Look Best With Grey Walls?–13 Ideas

Grey walls are popular in modern homes because of their neutral appearance. You can’t go wrong when you have grey walls in your room. You can add any theme in your room by using grey walls. Grey color adds coziness and sophistication at your place without making it boring. You can add any contrasting decor with these walls and make your room more attractive.

You can choose any color of accessories along with your grey walls. One of the most important accessories with grey walls is curtains. You have to choose beautiful curtains with your grey walls to make them look completely elegant. You can use any of your favorite colors with the grey walls of your living room and bedroom. 

Availability of too many curtain colors makes it difficult to select the most interesting and outstanding color for your walls. So if you want to add the best curtains on your walls, then you must read this blog. Today, I am going to tell you about the 13 best curtain ideas with your grey walls that make your room elegant and different. 

White Curtains With Grey Walls

White Blackout curtains look very outstanding, with Grey walls. The combination of white and grey is very old and people mostly use this combination in their living rooms to make them more welcoming for guests. So if you are looking for curtains in your living room, then white would be the best option for you. 

White curtains give a cool and calm look to your room. That’s why they are also ideal for bedrooms, if you want to improve your sleep quality. There may be some issues of privacy with white curtains, but you can add a liner to make your place more private. 

Black Curtains With Grey Walls

Black curtains are also a great choice, with grey walls. Black curtains give complete privacy to your room and also make it elegant. If you are in love with black color, then you can add black curtains in your living room with grey walls, to enjoy movies with full privacy. The combination of black and grey injects the light and dark theme at your place, making it magnificent. 

You can also add a black couch along with black curtains to make your place more decorative and amazing. The use of black curtains in your bedroom also looks very stylish. 

Beige Curtains With Grey Walls

Beige curtains are another stunning combination with grey walls. You can add these light color curtains with your medium dark grey walls and they both totally change the look of your place. You can use two shaded beige curtains such as the top of the curtains are in dark beige and below is in light beige. This will give a royal look at your place.

This combination is ideal for modern interiors that have light color incorporation. So you can also add beige and grey in your room to make it stylish than ever before. 

Royal Blue Curtains With Grey Walls

Blue curtains are one of the most classic additions to your grey walls. Royal blue curtains look great with grey walls, making your room a royal place. You can add any shade of blue if you don’t want to add royal blue. Chalky blue is another good option for your grey walls to make them more elegant. 

Chalky blue curtains are mostly used in offices, but they are also ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. You can also add dusty blue with the grey walls to make an ideal combination. 

Green Curtains With Grey Walls

Have you ever thought about jewel green curtains with your light grey walls? This is one of the brilliant combinations you can ever have with your grey walls. The emerald shade of green creates a completely unique look at your place without creating mess with your interior decoration. The addition of green velvet curtains looks best with your grey walls.

You can also use other shades of green like parrot green or natural green in your curtains so they can give a warm look to your place. Green curtains have the ability to adjust to any interior so you don’t need to think about changing your furniture while installing green curtains. 

Coral Pink Curtains With Grey Walls

Here is one of my favorite options for your grey walls that are coral pink curtains. Don’t think that this combination is for girls’ rooms only. This is one of the best options for any living room and bedroom. The coral curtains can add a peaceful environment to your place with their brightness. 

These curtains are best for those rooms that are small in size because these curtains, along with grey walls, make the room spacious and wide. You can add white furniture along with these coral curtains to make your room more interesting. 

Neutral Stripe Curtains With Grey Walls

If you love the neutral tone at your place, then you can definitely add neutral curtains with your grey walls. Neutral curtains never make your place boring, instead you can give an amazing look at your place with a neutral tone. The addition of neutral strip curtains with grey walls gives a very decent look to the place without disturbing the theme of your place. 

The combination of neutral strip curtains with your grey walls will create an inviting place for your family members and guests.  

Ombre Curtains With Grey Walls

Ombre curtains with grey walls are also another great idea for your bedroom or living room. These curtains are in trend these days and have the ability to transform your place completely in a dream bedroom. You can use any color for your ombre curtains, because grey walls look elegant with each color curtain. 

You can select grey ombre curtains, red ombre curtains, blue ombre curtains, pink ombre curtains, or any other to make your place breathtaking. 

White And Black Patterned Curtains With Grey Walls

If you don’t want to add single color curtains in your bedroom, then you can also use patterned curtains to make your place more classic and stunning. The white and black patterned curtains are one of the best combinations with grey curtains. You can use any pattern of curtains you like with your grey walls.

The combination of two curtains gives you more choices for the furniture in your place. White and black curtains can also easily adjust in each type of interior, either modern or retro. 

Lime Curtains With Grey Walls

If you are facing the problem in your living room that grey walls lack the vibrant and punchy element, then you can solve your problem easily by adding lime curtains at your place. Dark shade of lime is perfect for your curtains. The fresh look of lime color helps you to bring an eye -catching appearance in your living room.

This unique combination of lime curtains with grey walls can easily catch anyone’s attention and make your room more decorous for your guests. 

Multi Color Curtains With Grey Walls

If you like the flood of colors in your bedroom, then multi color curtains with grey walls suits your place the most. Mixing and matching colors is a great idea to make your room sophisticated. The combination of 3 to 4 colors in your curtains looks very amazing at your place and makes your place an oasis. 

This combination is usually best for bedrooms, not for guest rooms and living rooms because the living room should be ambient so you have to add just 1 color or 2 colors curtains at that place. 

Tan And Cream Curtains With Grey Walls

If you want to make your curtains bright and elegant at the same time, then you can use tan and cream curtains against the grey walls. This combination is ideal for bedrooms and dining areas to create a vibrant looking environment. You can add any neutral color shade with the cream color and choose it for your curtains.

The addition of elegant furniture having a light color also increases the beauty of your place. This is one of the best options for grey walls. 

Oatmeal Color Curtains With Grey Walls

Have you ever seen the color of oatmeal? You will definitely love the color of your oatmeal. So this idea must fascinate you with your grey walls. You can add oatmeal color curtains with your light grey walls to make them the most stylish ones. 

The oatmeal color is basically the combination of yellow and pink, so you can easily add any color upholstery for your furniture with your grey walls and oatmeal curtains. 


When you are selecting the color of your curtains with your grey walls, you must notice what type of feel you want to add in your place. Either you want vibrant or soft, cozy or airy, light or feminine?

Once you finalize the look of your place, then you can easily choose any of the above mentioned ideas for your curtains with grey walls. Best of luck with the selection of your curtains with grey walls.

Faqs | Frequently Asked Questions

Should My Curtains Have The Same Colors As My Walls?

It is not necessary to have curtains of the same color as your walls. You can add contrasting color curtains with your walls. You can also add the combination of 2 to 3 colors in the curtains in which one color is the same as your wall and the other two are contrasting colors. 

What Colors Of Curtains Go Best With Grey Walls?

There are many colors that look ideal with grey walls. You can use white, black, lime, blue, green, coral pink, neutral, ombre, oatmeal, cream, and tan curtains with your grey walls. Grey is one of those colors that look stunning with every color combination, so you have many choices. 

Can I Use Light Pink Curtains With Silver Grey Walls?

Yes, you can definitely use light pink curtains with silver grey walls. You can add any shade of pink curtains with grey walls according to your choice. All shades will look exceptional. 

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