What causes the double kitchen sink to back up?

Isn’t it exasperating and inconvenient when your double kitchen sink will not work as it is supposed to?  When you try to run your garbage disposal thinking it will help not to clog because it grinds the wastewater and scraps before going down the drain but instead it will come back out on the other sink. This is terrible! Not a good start to your day, is it?

Every time you have a clog in your drain pipe this sink problem arises. The double sink in the kitchen is the convenience of having so much space for working on the sink and cleaning stuff. The other side is just a plain sink and the other side has the garbage disposal but these two shares the same drain pipe called a tee. The reason why these problems on double kitchen sink backing up into each other happened. This is because of the clog from the main sink drainpipe of the two sink bowls.

Sometimes a simple home remedy will give quick help:

1. A cup of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar can fix the problem.

2. You can also pour a gallon of boiling water after half an hour to an hour of soaking it with your homemade solution.

3. Another alternative is opening and checking the p-trap, maybe cleaning it, and removing what causes the clog will make give a solution to the problem.

If all these will be done and still your kitchen sink is still slow in draining even just waste water, maybe it is about time to call a plumber to check the main drain pipe, all the way down to the exit and have the problem fixed. A plumber knows what is going on in your sink and can take care of the crisis for you. The good thing with sink problems is that the kitchen sink is an easy fix and not too much that you cannot handle.

Please note: To avoid the kitchen sink from clogging, to prevent dumping grease, oil, and fats down the drain.

If unintentionally chuck grease down the drain:

Remember to pour half a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of white vinegar. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes and then spurt with a generous quantity of dish soap and followed with about a gallon of scorching water. It is very important to do this procedure right away in order for the grease not to solidify. It will be very complex to remove once the grease settles in your drainpipe. Solid fats are harder to break down than liquid oil. The hot water is a plus and hopefully, it clears the pipe out.

The frequent root cause of kitchen sink backing up:

Kitchen sinks are the subject and the busiest for daily use. The dishes just kept on coming and so are the leftover food and trash. There are some things that you should not if possible dump down the drain even if you have the garbage disposal grinds It for you. The following food items are not friendly to your sink at all.

  • Greasy, fatty,  and oil
  • Eggshells
  • Beans
  • Rice, oats, and quinoa (because they expand)
  • Pasta
  • Coffee grounds (even if they said it will clean and helps with the smell, No!)
  • Stringy fruits and vegetables

These are just a few of the list that homeowners did not realize that they are harmful to kitchen plumbing. By all means, always think of the major kitchen sink clogs whenever you are preparing food for your loved ones.

Quick steps if your double kitchen sinks back up to you again:

1. Check the garbage disposal – sometimes the problem is from the disposal unit. Turn it on and check for the issue. Turn it off before attempting to remove the blockage, especially checking on the blades.

2. Plunge your sink – well, for minor clogs, a better plunger will work just fine. Just pour some very hot water into your sink until it creates a vacuum seal around the drain and plunger it. This trick works in some cases.

3. Soak it with baking soda and white vinegar – a common solution that always makes magic. Easy-peasy and you always have it on hand.

Dishes and mail are absolutely the same, they constantly continue on coming, so don’t be alarmed if you sense trouble coming your way. Stay calm and remember the quick steps and let your magic do its trick in your kitchen sink.

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