What Can Be Done to Fix the "Excel Running Slow" Issue in Windows?

What Can Be Done to Fix the “Excel Running Slow” Issue in Windows?

Those using desktop apps from the Microsoft Office Suite, and are in the finance sector must rely on services and tools like Microsoft Excel. There is no doubt that the program is excellent in many cases and a tool for many jobs. But, it does clog the memory and run slow after some use. For example, when working with large data files, excessive volatile functions, and so on. Here we discuss some of these and software that can help you resolves them at the earliest.

So, why is Excel so slow and what are the common pitfalls, are two basic questions that come to your mind.

The Cause of “Excel Running Slow”

Microsoft Excel is a great product and a powerful tool for data analysts and scientists because it helps you do a lot more in a small-time. But, often you can face issues with these files from running slow to resulting in corruption. Below are some of the most common causes.

  • Number of Records

The ubiquitous application for storing structured data into rows and columns can clog memory when there are too many of them. And, even formulas can also considerably reduce its performance. Because each time you add new records and use features like sort, format, it recalculates all the formulas making it slow.

  • Too Much Time for Operations

The biggest bottleneck of performance downgrade is time to complete operations. At times Excel Workbooks can take a really long time for anything to happen, and it simply locks up or runs out of memory.

  • Undeleted Cells with Empty Values

In the case of combining old Excel files, many additional rows and columns that were previously used are now empty, but the records are not deleted from the file. Excel still stores them in memory, adding to overhead and slowdown.

Common Ways to Repair “Excel Running Slow”

There are some common mitigations for the above causes, which we list below.

  • Avoid Array Formulas

The use of array formulas can triple the pipeline when there are too many records and this causes serious issues every time you click on Enter, and the calculations happen all over again. You can also use Pause in operations that take too long.

  • Use Helper Columns

They allow linked columns and records to simplify a complex formula, which helps in the above process and reduces the runtime severely. If the values are already calculated, the operations complete faster.

  • Select with Used Range

To make use of only the used cells and not empty ones, Excel offers the Used Range function. Excel will only keep them in memory from the next operation onwards. This means memory is free for additional formulas if necessary. Third-party tools can help if excel running slow due to such cases by automatically making adjustments. 

  • Remove Links Excel Files

If the main Excel Workbook has links to external files, this can result in a lot of overhead. The use of recursive links to columns is a similar thing. 

How to Repair “Excel Running Slow” with Repairit?

When it comes to slow Excel file fix, you can use Wondershare Repairit. The program is a powerful third-party tool to help you save your work. This can be done in 3 simple steps.

  • Install Repairit and Launch

First, you need to go to their official site and download the program. Repairit also has an online version where you can upload up to 200MB files and test them.

  • Add Files and Repair

Then, you can open the application and choose the files you want to repair.

  • Preview and Save

Finally, you can see the repaired files and choose if you want to recover them and save them. It saves time if you are not happy with the result.

Pros & Cons of Wondershare Repairit

  • It can perform many adjustments automatically like removing unused cells, removing volatile functions, adding helper columns, etc.
  • Repairit is available for both Windows and Online, allowing compatibility with Microsoft Excel files as old as 2007. It offers excellent options for advanced repair, instantly in just one click.
  • It cannot just improve the performance and speed of Excel running slow, but repair corrupted files.
  • It supports all devices including external drives.
  • One can use it without much knowledge as it is intuitive enough.

Closing Words

Repairit is a wonderful tool because it can natively work with the software to release memory, repair it and make it faster. The software can run standalone and also through the web, you have a lot of control over it. But, if you can learn to identify the symptoms and reasons you can avoid your Excel files from getting corrupted in the first place. Anyway, a handy tool is always peace of mind.

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