What are the top 7 SEO techniques you need to know today?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the essential techniques to boost your website’s or blog’s content across the browsers. SEO does the best in terms of web ranking, for example, in Google, and helps the content stick to the correct position over the competitors.

Now and then, SEO expertise keeps developing new strategies to curb the changing of technology. But some SEO tips have remained constant. SEO strategies such as the use of the right target keywords have remained unchanged. The reason behind this is that you should incorporate every content with the right keyword to reach its message to the targeted audience.

This means the use of target keywords plays a vital role in any content for a specific audience to find messages. Besides the use of keywords, there are the top 7 SEO tips you need to know today.

The top unchanged SEO tips or fundamental principles

1.Link your relevant content to several websites

This is an SEO strategy that helps to capture audience attention from other sites and visit your web. The strategy works where the content is relevant and primarily relates to the page’s content where the audience is visiting. Linking your content to other websites works the best, especially where your opponent’s site exists as a competitor.

2.URL structures being simple and readable

In SEO, the use of easy URL structures remains unchanged as it simplifies finding specific content easily. Browsers like Google need something it can capture, read and identify quickly to avail for the audience. Therefore, URL structures should both be easy to read and capture by the audience and Google programs.

3.Take out what slows down your Website

According to SEO strategy and expectations, your content and entire web pages should have the right speed to open and run. Google accounts page speed as one of the important factors when ranking content.

Statistically, for a site page that is slow to load and read the right content, the audience may consider it untrustful. As a return, the audience will quit or get bored to continue reading. This is a significant loss to the content owner because you will generate little or no revenue. It doesn’t matter how your content is of high quality; if the page loading speed is low, visitors don’t stay long there.

For example, where the page takes more than half-second to load, visitors are likely to leave the page.

4.Have a catchy, relevant, and unique meta description

Although many would think meta description has nothing to do with page ranking, it plays a vital role. A meta description is the topmost of the content that captures and assures the readers that they will get a more relevant solution in the entire article.

When Google is ranking, it mainly uses this part to display alongside the rest of page content.

5.Consistently publish a relevant and unique web content

One of the best ideas to improve SEO rankings is incorporating unique and relevant content then publishing it. Strategies of Google ranking may keep changing; therefore, your old content needs regular updates. 

Updating of content includes uploading new ideas or thoughts on the existing content or new one. In this way, you will keep your audience glued to the page and continue generating revenue.

6.Use social media to boost your content’s signal

Social media plays a vital role in building a strong content momentum. In other words, the use of social media to sell your web content creates a high level of SEO signals. Social media provides a wide market, and selling content through it is very easy and faster. Only what you need is to incorporate your page with share buttons, ask readers to share, and have content that influences.

7.Target specific audience with Target Keywords

Remember that you are writing content for humans. Therefore, your content should aim at a specific group that wants the information and can apply it. The SEO strategy needed here is the use of target keywords. Target keywords are what most words or phrases an audience will intend to type for searching information in the browser.


Besides using SEO strategies in your work, you have to know that content base on head keywords such as “social media” don’t work better than long-tail search keyword phrases such as “social media marketing.” As well, for content to run well through SEO strategy, consider it to focus on quality.

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