What Are The Common Design Mistakes That Everyone Should Avoid

There is no denying that all of us love a well-designed room. But in the wake of being trendy, we get too impulsive sometimes and end up bringing in décor items that later on look hideous when placed. Many times we like a particular paint color on the shade card, but it ends up looking very tacky on your wall. We are sure you can relate to these, unknowingly most of us make these common interior design mistakes that can be easily avoided if we stay mindful.

1. Choosing the paint color before Furniture: This is the most common mistake majority of people make unintentionally. A lot of us pick the color of the wall first and then buy sofa online that matches the wall color. Doing this narrows down your choices of the furniture you can pick. Interior designers advise people to first pick their major furniture pieces like the sofa, dining table, beds and then find a paint that matches the texture and color of the upholstery. 

2. Boring Matchings: We all like well-matched décor, but sometimes we go a wee bit overboard and overmatch things in our house, which ends up making our space look boring. Designers recommend that you avoid purchasing all your décor items from a single shop, rather explore different outlets, online sites. By doing this you automatically bring versatility to your interior décor.

3. Not choosing the right furniture: Like other facets of a beautifully designed place, furniture in the room should be of the right height and space to complete the look. We often ignore minute details like using a dining table chair in your work from home, rather than getting the right office chair. These days you can easily compare office chair price online and select the perfect one that adds the right element to your room. 

4. Pushing furniture to the farthest end of the room: This is a natural mistake that a lot of us make because we think by doing this we are creating more space, but this, in reality, distorts the entire look of the room. Avoid this mistake, and take a clue from the designers who advocate placing the furniture in the center of the room to create a flow. This also allows enough space for people to move around in the room. 

5. Placing wall hanging too high: Wall hangings in terms of exquisite painting are a great way to showcase your taste and style. Placing these however way up to high can fail to create an impact it should on the room. A thumb rule to remember here is to place the wall hangings only 8 to 10 inches higher than the furniture in the room so that it doesn’t disrupt the décor flow of the room. 

Don’t fall prey to the changing décor trends, rather design your house to represent your personality.

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